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Kalathos is one of the best resorts on the island of Rhodes that manages to combine the best of traditional and modern aspects to cater to visitors of all preferences. It is located around 45km from Rhodes Town and serves as a great base for exploring other exciting resorts in the area. Kalathos boasts a long, open and 4km wide beach that rarely gets busy. This makes this resort somewhat of a hidden gem.

Low Cost Holidays to Kalathos

Low-cost holidays to Kalathos are very readily available and the area can be reached from most regional airports in the UK. The resort of Kalathos is easily reached from Rhodes’s main airport, being located around 50-minutes away by car. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site for more budget-friendly holidays to this amazing part of the world. Direct flights to Rhodes tend to be around 4 hours from most major UK airports.

Kalathos is without a doubt at its busiest throughout the summer period - from spring until autumn. Temperatures reach the high 20s and even into the low 30s on most days throughout this period making it a very reliable destination to visit in terms of the climate. Prices tend to be slightly cheaper outside of these months over the winter period but as the temperatures drop and the beach isn’t as attractive, we don’t really recommend a visit outside of the warm summer months.

The beach is arguably the best part of this resort and it is made up of small pebbles. Many parts of the beach have shallow regions with crystal-clear water which make them ideal if you are travelling with smaller children. Because much of the shore is free of commercial development, you can expect to have a very relaxing retreat back into nature if you choose this place. Up in the hills you can find the ancient village of Kalathos itself which provides amazing panoramic views. If you want a bit more excitement in your holiday, Lindos is just 4km south of Kalathos.

There isn’t much development on the beach itself and most of the accommodation options can be found in the village. Smaller hotels, apartments and rooms to rent are the most popular choices and they are all run by friendly, welcoming people. The village is also the best place for dining options. Traditional Greek restaurants, tavernas and cafes are all available and very reasonable prices - often less than 15 euros for a starter, drink and main.

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