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Rhodes is a charming island which provides the idyllic and relaxing setting that most people dream of when they read holiday magazines. Sat upon this stunning (and historical) island lies the wonderful beach resort of Ladiko. It is situated around 20km from Rhodes Town and is quite accessible from most parts of the island.

Ladiko Beach is a very popular resort, especially during the summer months, due to its sublime location, twinkling sands and sheltered bay which make it ideal for swimming. It is considered to be the best beach on the island for swimming and is perfect if you need to cool off and take a break from the hot sunshine. There is the opportunity to rent sun beds, umbrellas and there are other beach-side facilities to ensure that you can spend a full day there if you want to.

Other activities around Ladiko Beach include snorkelling, diving and simply going for a long walk. The beach resort is surrounded by rolling hills so whether you want to go exploring properly or just want a saunter along the beach promenade in the evening, there is plenty to keep you busy and relaxed here.

Ladiko provides a good range of accommodation options to choose from, including hotels, B&Bs, apartments and villas. Due to its accessibility with most other parts of Rhodes, many people choose the accommodation that they most prefer or that they find a great deal on, and then make the short journey to Ladiko Beach whenever they see fit.

The best time to visit Ladiko is during the spring to autumn months. This is when temperatures are at their highest and the resort is at its bustling best. However, July and August can be quite intense for some so if that is the case, we would recommend a trip in either June or October when the temperatures are still very pleasant. Ladiko is situated around a 25-minute drive from Rhodes International Airport.