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Westendorf is a quiet skiing village that is located just off the main circuit of SkiWelt. It is primarily a resort for intermediate and beginner skiers with its wide range of steady slopes to enjoy. The area enjoys plenty of natural snow for large chunks of the year but for those quieter months, 1700 snow machines are on standby to make sure that this place always has great skiing conditions!

Budget Ski & Board Holidays to Westendorf

Budget holidays to Westendorf can be found leaving from most major airports in the UK and since the area is so popular with skiers up and down the country, there is bound to be a flight that suits you. The best way to get to Westendorf is to fly to Innsbruck airport, with the resort being located around an hour drive from there. Check the Cheeky Trip comparison site for our full selection of great ski holiday getaways. Direct flights to Innsbruck are usually in the 2-hour range.

The best time to visit this ski resort is, of course, during peak ski season as there isn’t much else to do here in the quieter months. In good weather, of which there is plenty, the slopes still remain fairly quiet even though this is one of the most snow-sure spots in the whole of the Alps. 

Beginners will find Westendorf a great place to start their skiing journey. Not only does the village have ski schools and nursery slopes to take advantage of, there are also around 24km of blue slopes to test out your new skills in a low-pressured environment. Intermediate skiers will find a similarly fruitful experience in the area with also 24km of red slopes to try out. These are just at the right level to provide a challenge but not be too intimidating. Unfortunately for the more advanced skiers out there, there is only 1 black piste.

Westendorf has a solid selection of accommodation for visitors to the area to choose from. There are both 3- and 4-star hotels which can provide a more luxurious stay in the region with all of the extra amenities that you would expect from a well-equipped hotel. For a cheaper and perhaps more authentic stay, there are also self-catered apartments and family-run B&Bs to choose from. Most of the best restaurants in Westendorf are located inside the hotels but if you do want to eat out, we suggest some of the mountain huts that are dotted around the region and provide refreshments all day long.

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