Skiing For Beginners Holidays 2024-2025

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Skiing Holidays for Beginners
From £79 per person

If you are a first time skier or don’t have too much experience on the slopes just yet, it can be a little daunting booking a ski holiday. Whether you are thinking of heading off with your family or have been invited by some friends, there are some top tips that you should know before heading out there.

One of the best but sometimes less obvious places to start is with the booking itself. Trying to organise a ski holiday yourself if you have no experience is an absolute minefield. Leave it in the hands of those who have booked hundreds of ski holidays for those who don’t have much experience and know exactly where to book, what sort of slopes to target and all of the other finer details. Leave it in the hands of people like us! We will be more than happy to get you on the right track.

Booking into a ski school is one of the most recommended places to start as there will be plenty of knowledgeable people on hand to not only give the best advice out there but to also actually show you the ropes as you are going along. Another useful tip is to book a ski school that is English-speaking. You don’t want to think that you have everything sorted and ready to go only to find out that you don’t understand a word of the instructor!

Late November to early April is generally considered to be the ski season in Europe. The busiest and most expensive times of the year are over Christmas, New Year and during the kids' school holiday such as during February half-term. The quietest time to go if you want a bit more room to yourself on the slopes is usually January.

Most of the essential equipment you can rent from the resorts but there are some things that you should definitely pack yourself before going:

  • A wooly hat and gloves; it gets cold out there!
  • Ski goggles; so you can see where you are going if it snows!
  • Swimwear; many resorts have pools and jacuzzis to rest and relax in when not on the slopes, so make sure to take advantage!