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St Christoph is a small and traditional ski village that sits 10-minutes away from the popular St Anton. It is considered a luxurious and exclusive resort given the number and quality of fancy hotels in the region as well as its pristine skiing slopes. Whilst beginners will see some good ski opportunities in the area, St Christoph is more catered towards expert skiers that are looking for a challenge of their own.

Exclusive Ski & Board Holidays to St Christoph

Affordable holidays to the various parts of the Austrian Alps are growing in popularity and there are flights leaving to this region on a daily basis from UK airports. The best way to reach St Christoph is to fly to Innsbruck airport, with the resort being located less than 100km away from there. Check the Cheeky Trip comparison site for our full selection of well-priced ski holidays. Direct flights to Innsbruck will usually last around 2 hours, depending on where in the UK you are flying from.

The busiest and arguably best time to visit St Christoph is during the winter months when ski season is at its peak. However, this is still a brilliant destination to visit even in the summer months due to its number and quality of scenic hiking routes and its luxury accommodation which there is no bad time to stay in! St Christoph provides direct access to the extensive Arlberg ski area which provides a variety of routes of various difficulties. St Anton is also a great place to visit if you fancy a day-trip in the region.

Beginner skiers travelling to St Christoph will find many practice lifts and people movers to take you to some good practice slopes near the base of the mountain. As mentioned previously though, this place almost feels like it has been designed specifically with expert skiers and snowboarders in mind. Steep ravines, free-riding areas and even cliffs are available to the most skilled skiers here that are sure to present a challenge and test your skills. The Schindeler Kar in nearby St. Anton is well-known in the freeriding scene for its extreme slopes so make sure to ride it if you have the capability!

Anything from 5-star hotels with the very highest quality of facilities to cosy and price-friendly bed & breakfasts are available in St Christoph. There are also a selection of chalets if you prefer a more traditional stay in the region. The vast majority of restaurants and apres ski options are available in the accommodations themselves, which can be seen as a positive or negative depending on how you look at it. However, there are some quirky mountain restaurants and rustic huts dotted around the resort too.

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