Cheap Holidays to Medulin

Medulin is an easy-going family-oriented resort in Croatia. It is the perfect summer holiday destination due to its 1km long sandy beach called Bijeca. The waters are shallow and calm, making it ideal for those who are younger or less confident swimmers. The region offers a wide range of great towns and attractions to explore including Cape Kamenjak and Pula.

Medulin is very much centred around its status as being a holiday resort, meaning that the primary pull to this destination is the beach, weather and all-round relaxing nature of the place. The town’s promenade is always bustling with activity from the early evening onwards as visitors and locals stroll past the harbour and to the large number of bars and restaurants available. There are also ice cream shops and souvenir shops along the promenade.

There aren’t too many specific sights to see in Medulin but we would recommend having a look at St Agnes Church if you get the chance. It boasts twin bell towers and is a cultural centrepiece of the resort. For those with access to a car, Medulin serves as a great base for exploring southern Istria, one of most picturesque regions in the whole of Croatia.

Best Time To Visit Medulin

Medulin has a great selection of accommodation options to choose from to suit all budgets and preferences. There is a four star hotel as well as villas, apartments and other hotels to pick from that are dotted around the town. In terms of dining out, anywhere along the main promenade is where we recommend, due to such a great variety of cuisines and affordable restaurants to choose from.

The best time to visit Medulin is definitely in the summer months when temperatures are at their warmest and the town is at its bustling best. The waters are also warm in the summer months which makes swimming even more pleasurable. The closest airport to Medulin is Pula airport, with the resort being around a 15-minute drive from there.