Cheap Holidays to Buzet

Buzet is a picturesque resort in Croatia with a wide variety of cultural activities to see and do. It is known as the Istrian Truffle Capital due to the variety of truffles that grow here - the most famous being the white - and forms many of the local traditions. Buzet is also situated on top of a hill and surrounded by a number of forests, making it the ideal destination for those who love exploring the great outdoors.

Buzet is relatively quiet for most of the year but comes to life at the beginning of September. This coincides with the Virgin Mary’s birthday and to honour the saint, the townspeople prepare a giant omelette filled with truffles in the town square. It is a truly unique event to be a part of! Truffle Days last throughout autumn so be sure to not miss out.

Istria, the region that Buzet is a part of, is often referred to as the “New Tuscany” due to the rolling hills, remote locations and beautiful, tranquil scenery. There are vineyards and olive trees for as far as the eye can see as well as a number of walks that can be enjoyed. Situated just 7km away as a bonus is the “the world’s smallest town” of Hum, with an official population of 30.

Buzet Accommodation Options

There is a decent range of accommodation options in Buzet, with the majority being budget-friendly and smaller. However, if you do want to sample this place with a bit of luxury thrown in, Hotel Vela Vrata is the standout option. This four-star hotel is probably the best place to stay in the entire region if you can afford it.

The best time to visit Buzet is during the late spring to early autumn months for the warmer weather but autumn into winter if you want to experience the famous truffle season. This makes Buzet a fantastic destination pretty much any time of year that you want to visit. Nearby airports to Buzet include Venice and Zagreb, with transfer times ranging from two to three hours to visit this remote but beautiful part of the world.