Cheap Holidays to Banjole

Banjole is a sleepy Croatian town with picturesque views wherever you look and a relaxing way of life. It has a wide range of bays and natural beaches to relax on as well as a number of events to enjoy in the summer months. It is relatively quiet all year round but if you are looking for a bit more action, the larger resorts of Pula and Medulin are close by.

There are a number of great activities to get stuck into during your trip to Banjole. One of those is snorkelling in Centinera Resort Bay. The descent into the sea is gradual which is ideal for less confident swimmers and the waters are crystal clear. There is also often an inflatable water park located here in the busier months which can keep the kids (and adults) occupied for full days at a time! Another great activity is to discover a walking trail along a peninsula called Bumbište. It provides amazing views of the coast and there are plenty of opportunities to stop for a picnic.

Due to the resort being a traditional fishing village, there are plenty of great restaurants to try including Kamik Tavern which is one of the best places in Banjole. If you are swimming or snorkelling in Centinera Resort Bay, then a quick bite to eat at Suzi Tavern is always highly recommended.

Hotels in Banjole

The accommodation options in Banjole are relatively limited simply due to the size of the resort. However, there is still a range of hotels and B&Bs to choose from which provide very comfortable and pleasurable stays. Good deals can usually be found in these places too.

We recommend a trip to Banjole during the late Spring to early Autumn months. This is when temperatures are at their warmest, the resort is at its bustling best and the weather is perfect for swimming in the beautiful waters. If you are planning on doing more activities such as hiking, it is probably advisable to avoid the peak of summer. The island resort is located around a 15 minute drive from Pula airport.