Holidays to Jelsa

Located on the north coast of Hvar, Jelsa is a quieter and more peaceful alternative to some of its noisy neighbours. It is the ideal place to sit back, relax and enjoy some exquisite scenery and cuisine in Croatia. The natural beauty in and around Jelsa is what attracts most tourists. It is the only spot on the island with a plentiful amount of sea water, fresh water and thriving vegetation.

Jelsa is host to a number of wonderful events throughout the year, and one of the best is undoubtedly Jelsa Wine Fair. The festival takes place to honour the fine wines of the island. During the celebrations, hotels, restaurants and bars blast music into the streets which culminates in street dancing, partying and excitement. It certainly isn’t one to be missed!

Other great things to do in Jelsa include sampling some of the country’s famous coffee culture in the town square. There are a number of great places to pick one up, but we probably recommend Tarantela cafe the most. A relaxing trip and swim in St. Luke’s Bay is perfect for a reset and if you really want to immerse yourself into the local culture, sample one of the Antun Dobronić evenings in the summer. Here you will get to indulge in the local art, literature, theatre and music.

Great Accommoddation in Jelsa

Jelsa has a great selection of accommodation options to pick from including some larger, more modern hotels to smaller, B&Bs style ones. It all depends on your budget and personal tastes about how you wish to experience Jelsa.

With a number of events taking place throughout different points of the year, there isn’t really a bad time to visit Jelsa. If we had to pick though, we would probably recommend the summer months due to the warmer temperatures and higher concentration of events taking place in and around the town. Due to Jelsa’s island location, most people get a combination of coach and catamaran to reach the resort. The closest airport is Split.