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Cavtat is often considered to be one of Croatia’s best-kept secrets and being located just south of Dubrovnik, it can serve as an excellent day-trip as well as being a fantastic resort on its own. It is home to a number of stunning beaches and never gets overwhelmingly busy with tourists. This is what makes it the ideal destination for families and couples!

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The main attraction to Cavtat is definitely its wide range of wonderful beaches. You can literally pick a different spot everyday, soak up some sun, have a dip in the water and head back. And repeat. It is a beautifully quiet and peaceful destination that serves as the perfect reset away from the stresses of modern life. However, if you are inclined to do a bit of exploring, there is still plenty to do. As already mentioned, Dubrovnik is only half an hour away and there are things to do in the town itself as well. This includes a visit to the house of the famous painter Vlaho Bukovac, promenade walking, and sea kayaking amongst other things.

Cavtat offers a good selection of accommodation options despite its relatively small size with friendly B&Bs, villas and smaller accommodation choices being the most popular options. Cavtat is a good option if you are looking to stay somewhere a little more quiet and cheaper than Dubrovnik but still want the easy access. When it comes to dining out, you will find some great little places to grab a tasty meal, particularly by the beach. Most restaurants also cater for more classic international options as well as Croatian favourites.

Although Cavtat never gets excessively busy with tourists, we generally recommend a visit from early spring to late autumn. This is when the region itself is at its busiest. Temperatures are at their hottest and days by the beach are their best. The place does have a certain buzz about it in the summer months which is definitely worth experiencing for yourself.

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