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Almost everyone has a picture in their head when they hear the word ‘Mediterranean’. Maybe you think of crystal blue waters, sandy beaches, beautiful sunshine, picturesque towns, the famous Mediterranean diet. All of those things are both true and in abundance in and around the vast Mediterranean sea. Because the sea is so grand, it also means that a ‘Mediterranean holiday’ can mean pretty much anything you want it to be. Whether that be a trip to the sunny Spanish coast, a visit to one of Italy’s seaside towns or a vacation to the north of Africa, the Mediterranean attracts visitors from every corner of the globe.

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What makes the Mediterranean such an attractive place to go on holiday is its climate. Mild winters and hot, dry summers are music to the ears of anyone from the UK and what makes it such a popular place to go. In many places around the Mediterranean, it is not uncommon to see average summer temperatures exceed 30C and even spring and autumn months to have an average of 20C. Rainfall is also at a bare minimum during these months, especially in places like the south of Spain which receives hardly any during the summer months.

As briefly mentioned above, the Mediterranean is massively appealing to all types of visitors. Families can enjoy stays in the south of Spain in regions like the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. These are also very popular destinations with young people looking for a party. Santorini in Greece is a very popular choice with young people due to its dazzling, Instagrammable sunsets. Nice in the south of France offers one of the best places for city-explorers to have their fun and many older couples opt for a relaxing holiday in the sun in Albufeira, Portugal. Of course, even just these small selection of destinations can be further broken down into their specific parts which offer you even more variety.

As one might expect, the range of accommodation options in and around the Mediterranean is just as varied as the number and type of destination. Literally any traveller on any type of budget with any preference is sure to find the perfect place to stay. Whether that be a 5-star all-inclusive option sipping on endless cocktails, a hostel for younger people looking to save a bit of money and meet new people, self-catered villas to take the holiday at your own pace and everything in between.

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