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Iceland City Breaks
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If you are looking for a vacation with a difference, one like no other, an Iceland holiday would certainly fit the bill. Lying between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, it is a country with mountains and glaciers, active volcanoes and hot springs. The warming Gulf Stream gives Iceland its temperate climate with temperatures a little below freezing in winter and a fairly cool thirteen and fourteen degrees in the summer. It is an amazing island with a large number of tourist attractions and recreational activities. The Northern Lights, are often the first reason given for choosing an Iceland holiday. The Aurora Borealis, is formed from rapidly moving, electrically charged particles that come from the sun and are drawn to the poles by the earth's magnetic field. The resultant colourful display is an awe-inspiring experience that will never be forgotten. The best time to see them is from October to March as the sky needs to be dark and the presence of a little cloud is necessary. The capital, Reykjavik, has a long history that extends back to the ninth century. It wasn't until the post war years that it deveoped into a modern city and is now one of the cleanest cities in the world. It also has an extremely low crime rate and is one of the safest cities in the world. Summer days are long with only two hours of semi darkness so you have plenty time to see the sights. Iceland holidays appeal to those seeking a break that is a little out of the ordinary, one that will give them memories of a dramatic landscape and even more dramatic skies.

Iceland City Breaks

Iceland holidays promise new experiences, breathtaking scenery, refreshing hot springs, good accommodation and superb restaurants. Take a four wheel drive vehicle to the volcanic landscape of the Reykjanes peninsula where you'll find geysers, hot springs and mud that bubbles and steams. Visit the Blue Lagoon, bathe in the geothermal pool and cleanse your skin with the mineral rich mud. Popular with tourists are the rhyolite, multicoloured mountains found in Landmannalaugar. Apart from the fascinating landscape, visitors enjoy bathing in the areas geothermal springs. The Gullfoss Waterfall is spectacular and is high on the list of tourist attractions. Reykjavik is a fascinating capital with a fairly unique architecture. Be sure to visit Hallgrimskirkja, an unusual church inspired by Iceland's Black Falls.

Iceland holidays are generally taken from late spring until early autumn when daylight hours are at their longest. During the winter months, there are very few hours of daylight. Hotels, apartments, guest houses, B&Bs and hostels provide a selection of accommodation that caters for most budgets. The many restaurants, bistros, cafes and fast food outlets serve a varied menu that satisfy all tastes and pockets. The capital is well known for its lively nightlife with many pubs and clubs. Shopping in Reykjavik is good but bargains are few and far between.