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Maldives holidays take you to islands that are incomparable. The climate, the beaches, the ocean and the people, combine to give you the holiday of a lifetime. Consisting of twenty-six atolls, and more than a thousand islands, the Maldives lie six hundred kilometres south west of India in the Laccadive Sea in the Indian Ocean. It has a tropical monsoon climate with dry winter months and wet summers. The temperatures remain pretty constant throughout, at thirty degrees. Often the storms in the wet season are heavy but short lived. If you are prepared to visit in the rainy season, you'll find prices are lower.

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Swaying palms, the finest of white sands and the clearest seas offer a perfect setting for a truly relaxing break in the sun. To many, it is a little taste of paradise which probably explains its popularity with couples, particularly newly weds. Apart from water sports, there is little to do other than relax and perhaps pamper yourself with a spa treatment.

The clarity of the water and the fertile coral reefs make the Maldives a scuba diver's dream. With almost two hundred species of coral and over eleven hundred species of fish, it is a spectacular underwater world. Apart from scuba diving and snorkelling, other sports include water skiing, kite surfing, parasailing and fishing.

If you are looking for a really cheap annual break, the Maldives is probably out of the question as the price of a long haul flight alone would probably cover the cost of a trip to Europe. The words cheap and Maldives are not natural bedfellows, but if you heart is set on a trip to one of these idyllic islands, Cheekytrip can at least find you a good deal. As a price comparison site, we have access to Maldive holiday offers from more than three dozen travel companies, and will quickly find you the one that provides the best value. Simply enter your destination, point of departure and your dates and within a matter of seconds we'll show you the Maldives holiday that is the cheapest. All you need then do is make the call and book. Since offers change on a daily basis, if you wish to avoid disappointment, avoid delay.