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The Czech Republic, a country steeped in history, wonderfully marries medieval charm with contemporary innovation, offering an enchanting and culturally rich destination for travellers worldwide. Situated in the heart of Central Europe, this dynamic nation unfolds as a tapestry of experiences - from the lively lanes of Prague, embellished with a blend of Gothic and modern structures, to the tranquil countryside where unspoiled mountains and lush valleys are in abundance.

The ethos of “Pohoda”, a Czech approach to relaxation and contentment, echoes throughout the regions. As you meander through the Czech Republic's picturesque cities and villages, you'll encounter a culture that fosters tranquillity, simplicity, and a robust sense of community. Strolling along stone-paved streets, bordered by colourful Baroque buildings, complemented by the cheerful banter of amiable locals and the scent of fresh Trdelník in the air, provides a delightful insight into the Czech way of life.

Venturing to the Czech Republic means entering a realm where the past gracefully dances with the present. Whether you're wandering through ancient castles rich with history, delighting in gastronomic wonders at a local Pilsner pub, or immersing yourself in the lively arts and music environment, the Czech Republic offers a fulfilling and varied experience. This is a place where revolutionary design coexists with age-old tradition, where locals greet you with hearty smiles, and where each day unfolds with a myriad of opportunities for exploration and relaxation alike.

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Things to Must-Do and See

Rich in history and natural beauty, the Czech Republic houses several landmarks and points of interest to captivate every visitor:

Charles Bridge: A historic bridge in Prague, offering stunning views of the Vltava River.

Karlštejn Castle: A majestic Gothic castle, located near Prague, it is a significant monument with a rich history.

Pilsner Urquell Brewery: Visit this famed brewery in Plzeň to learn about and taste the iconic Czech Pilsner.

Local Cuisine to Enjoy in the Czech Republic

Czech cuisine, known for its hearty and flavourful dishes, offers a feast for the senses:

Svíčková: A creamy vegetable sauce with braised beef, often accompanied by bread dumplings.

Trdelník: Enjoy this traditional pastry, a sweet treat that is a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

Pilsner Beer: Don't miss the opportunity to taste the world-renowned Czech beers, especially the Pilsners, in their homeland.

City Breaks to Enjoy

The Czech Republic offers a selection of city breaks, each showcasing a unique facet of Czech culture and vibrancy:

Prague: The capital city, a melting pot of historical landmarks and modern architecture. The Charles Bridge and Prague Castle are must-visits.

Český Krumlov: A historical town with a fairy-tale-like charm, home to the stunning Český Krumlov Castle.

Brno: A city blending tradition and modernity, noted for its vibrant cultural scene and architectural landmarks.

Best Places for Nightlife

The Czech Republic presents dynamic nightlife experiences to cater to all preferences:

Prague: Famous for its lively bars and nightclubs, Prague promises an exhilarating night out for partygoers.

Brno: Dive into a youthful and vibrant nightlife with an array of bars, cafes, and nightspots.

Olomouc: Experience a relaxed night out in this city, known for its cosy pubs and live music venues.

Festivals during the Year

The Czech Republic hosts a variety of festivals that reflect its rich cultural and artistic heritage:

Prague International Jazz Festival: A yearly event that brings together jazz talents from the Czech Republic and beyond.

Colours of Ostrava: A famed music festival drawing fans globally with its diverse line-up.

Flower Festival in Kroměříž: Witness the stunning city of Kroměříž bloom with vibrant floral installations during this annual festival.

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Travel Advice for Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, with its scenic landscapes and dynamic culture, is a haven for travellers. Before setting off on your journey to this Central European jewel, consider the following travel advice:

Best Time to travel: The Czech Republic enjoys a temperate climate, with warm summers from June to August, offering a perfect time for sightseeing and outdoor pursuits. The winter months, from December to February, bring a magical ambiance with snow-covered vistas and festive markets.

Passports & Visas: UK and Irish citizens must possess a valid passport. Generally, no visa is required for short tourist stays up to 90 days. For up-to-date information on passport and visa requirements, British travellers can check, while Irish travellers can consult the DFA website.

Health & Safety: Acquiring comprehensive travel insurance is advisable when planning your trip to the Czech Republic. Although the country has a high standard of healthcare, consulting your healthcare provider for any necessary vaccinations or health advisories before departure is recommended. 

Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC): Both the UK's GHIC and the EHIC offer access to emergency healthcare in the Czech Republic. Note that these cards do not cover medical repatriation, ongoing medical treatment, or non-urgent procedures. For more information, British citizens can visit the NHS UK website, and Irish nationals can check the HSE website. An EHIC or GHIC is free of charge. 

Driving in the Czech Republic: If you plan to rent a car, be aware that driving is on the right-hand side of the road in the Czech Republic. Usually, an International Driving Permit along with a national driving licence from an EU/EEA country is accepted for car rentals. Familiarising yourself with local traffic rules and signs is advised for a safe driving experience.

Latest Health and Safety Information: Stay informed on the latest health and safety guidelines by visiting the UK government's foreign travel advice page for the Czech Republic for British nationals, and the DFA's travel advice page for Irish citizens.

Average temperature in the Czech Republic


Czech Republic FAQs

In the Czech Republic, most businesses operate from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays. Shopping malls and supermarkets might have extended hours, usually until 9:00 pm. It's worth noting that smaller shops might close earlier, around 5:00 or 6:00 pm, especially in non-touristic areas. On Saturdays, the operating hours can be shorter, and many establishments are closed on Sundays.
To fully enjoy the natural beauty of the Czech Republic, consider visiting during the spring (April to June) or autumn (September to October). During these seasons, the weather is pleasant, and the landscapes are either blossoming or showcasing a stunning array of autumn colours. The summer months can be excellent for exploring the mountainous regions, while the winter offers beautiful snowy landscapes and winter sports opportunities.
Absolutely, tap water in the Czech Republic is of high quality and safe to drink. It's often fresher than bottled water, allowing you to refill your bottle from the tap and stay hydrated throughout your journey.
The Czech Republic boasts an extensive and efficient public transportation network. In Prague, the capital city, you can utilise the metro, trams, and buses, which operate regularly and cover most parts of the city. Other cities also have reliable bus and tram networks. For inter-city travel, trains are convenient and connect major cities and tourist destinations seamlessly. Tickets can be purchased at stations or online.
Yes, you can use your mobile phone in the Czech Republic. The country has a well-established telecommunications network, supporting most international mobile operators. However, it's wise to check with your service provider about roaming charges or consider purchasing a local SIM card for more economical options, which are readily available at airports and city centres.

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Czech Republic Facts

Czech Koruna (CZK)
Approx 10.7 million
GMT +2
Approx 2 hours from Gatwick

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