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The Czech Republic, or Czechia by which it is also known, sits right in the centre of Europe and has quite a complicated but fascinating history – from being occupied by Germany during World War Two, to becoming a communist state, to peacefully splitting from Czechoslovakia. You can find certain memoirs, buildings and museums regarding these events all across the country, particularly in the capital of Prague.

Czech Republic City Breaks

As is the case with most Central European countries, the Czech Republic has a temperate ocean climate. In other words, it gets real seasons that we Brits are not accustomed to experiencing at all. So whether you visit this beautiful country in the summer, where temperatures often reach the lower 30s quite consistently, or in the winter where the country usually experiences large periods of snow and temperatures below freezing, you can expect some very different experiences in the exact same places.

It is for these reasons, as well as having its own set of landmarks and unique charm, that the capital of Prague is such a popular tourist destination. With tourist numbers estimated at around 7.5 million per year, there is no surprise that there is so much to do and see here. By far the most famous attraction is the Charles Bridge which was built in 1357 and still stands strong to this day. It is an attraction in itself with a variety of medieval and religious statues lining the bridge alongside street performers and other entertainment. The bridge is the postcard image of Prague and the Czech Republic itself. It links the historic Old Town and its famous cobbled streets and buildings with the grand castle on the other side that sits atop the hill. On the castle side, you will find many more modern features that include a Starbucks overlooking the majority of the city including the Old Town and the prominent River Vitava – perfect for either a summer refreshment to cool off or a hot winter drink to warm you up. Yet the sights that you see remain timeless and unchanging!