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Perivolos holidays transport you to the sunny south eastern shores of the delightful island of Santorini. It is a purpose-built resort that lies between Perissa and Vlihada. With a long, dark, volcanic sandy beach, this relaxed village is popular with families and couples of all ages. A wide choice of water sports is available. The clarity of the Aegean waters, as well as its variety of marine life, give perfect conditions for snorkelling and you'll find a range of recreational pursuits. A Perivolos holiday is an ideal choice for those looking for a peaceful retreat, where the sun is guaranteed to shine. If you should tire of the beach, the beauty of Santorini is waiting to be explored. Take a trip to Aia for glorious sunsets and magnificent views over the caldera.

Low Cost Perivolos Holidays

As found in neighbouring Perissa, Perivolos is a well-planned purpose-built resort with a range of hotels and apartments catering for all budgets. Whatever your choice you'll find standards of comfort and amenities are high, and service is very good. When choosing board basis, be sure to compare the cost of the all inclusive holidays, as they may be cheaper than you think. Remember, especially when travelling with children, that the cost of regular food, drinks and snacks can be considerable, and it is easy to go over budget. Perivolos has a good number of tavernas and restaurants providing for all tastes and if you want familiar food, it is easy to find. If you are new to Greek cuisine, order meze, the equivalent of Spanish tapas, and you'll receive a selection of bite-sized dishes, ideal as tasters. With the marine harvest in abundance, you'll find great fish restaurants along the sea front. Wines are pleasant and inexpensive. Nightlife in Perivolos is a relaxed affair, reflecting the resort's popularity with families and couples. Those seeking a lively night out should pop along to Perissa or take a taxi to Fira. Shopping, though limited, supplies holiday essentials including gifts and souvenirs. While neighbouring resorts can increase your choice, for a great shopping experience, take the bus to the capital. There you'll find the narrow, stepped streets are filled with shops of all descriptions.

Low cost Perivolos holidays can be taken from spring until late autumn with temperatures rising to thirty and beyond in the height of summer. Several budget airlines fly to Santorini from regional airports. You can check on the Cheekytrip website for the availabilty of holidays from your local airport. Transfers to the resort take forty minutes.

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