Holidays to Oia

Oia holidays transport you the north west of the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. Looking down on to the caldera and perched precariously on the rim of the extinct volcano, it is the most visited town on the island. Famed for its remarkable sunsets, its ochre and white houses and blue-domed churches, it is top of everyone's sightseeing list. Although the town was devastated by a massive earthquake in the nineteen fifties, it has been lovingly restored and its narrow cobbled streets and small squares still have a very traditional atmosphere. Most of Oia's visitors have accommodation elsewhere as families generally wish for a resort closer to the sea and young adults prefer a livelier base. Oia is very popular with older couples looking for a relaxing break in the sun where they can wander the streets and enjoy the wonderful views over the caldera. Santorina has become a popular wedding venue.

Oia has a range of good accommodation offering every comfort. You'll always receive friendly service and a warm welcome. A plentiful supply of restaurants and bars offer a wide choice of menu. Wines are inexpensive and pleasing to the palate. If you are new to the flavours of Greece, order meze, the equivalent of Spanish tapas. You'll receive several small portions of traditional dishes, ideal for experiencing new tastes. If you are looking for a quiet nightlife, Oia is the perfect choice. Evenings are spent wandering the pleasant streets, stopping awhile to enjoy the spectacular sunsets, a tasty meal or shopping. While Oia has a good number of shops, the island's best shopping experience is to be found in its principal town, Fira. Take a five mile bus journey to its narrow stepped lanes that are crammed with shops of all descriptions.

Oia has a long season that extends from early spring until late autumn. Temperatures rise from twenty, to thirty and beyond in the middle of summer. You can check on the Cheekytrip web site to see if there is a direct service from your own local airport to Santorini. Transfers to the resort take a little over half an hour.

Oia Holiday Bargains

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