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Puerto Morelos is one of the quieter resorts on the Yucatan Peninsula that often flies under the radar due to the prominence of larger resorts like Playa del Carmen and Tulum. If you are seeking a peaceful resort with a quirky town centre, beaches to visit and cheaper prices than the busier regions of Mexico, then Puerto Morelos might just be your ideal destination.

Low Cost Holidays to Puerto Morelos

Low-cost holidays to Puerto Morelos are growing in popularity and the region can be reached from most regional airports. The resort itself is located just 25km away from Cancún International Airport which makes it extremely accessible. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site for more cheap deals to hidden gems like this resort. Direct flights to Cancún are usually in the 10 and a half hour range.

Puerto Morelos receives fairly steady tourist numbers all-year-round but probably the best time to visit this place is during the winter months. Temperatures reach the high 20s on most days throughout this period which is very pleasant but not too hot. Summer is also an excellent time to visit, with temperatures often reaching the mid-30s which can be a little too hot for some but perfect for others - it just depends on your personal preferences! 

One of the best things to do in this resort is to visit one of the many Cenotes (natural sinkholes) that fill the area. One of our favourites to target is Cenote Kin Ha which is perfect for a full day-trip as there are many tourist facilities nearby, unlike with some of the other Cenotes. Puerto Morelos is also one of the hottest places in the whole of Mexico to do some snorkelling. Professional excursions like those given by Lighthouse Tours are your best bet for seeing the widest variety of marine life and getting up close and personal with the beautiful animals out in the ocean. Scuba diving is also popular here if you want to dive a little deeper into nature (literally!).

There are a number of accommodation options to choose from in this resort and where you stay will all depend on your tastes and budget. There is a main ‘Hotel Zone’ by the beach where most of the touristy, package-holiday-style hotels are located with some excellent deals to accompany them. Smaller hotels and villas are located on the other side of the town’s highway and there are plenty of hostels to choose from in nearby Colonia. The food choices in Puerto Morelos are also highly varied, with anything from authentic Mexican dishes to pizza and burger joints that cater especially to tourists!

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