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Cozumel is a bustling and exciting resort, falling just short of the popularity of Cancún which is perhaps a good thing. Visitors to this town can expect to find local Mexican fisherman mingled with sun-seeking tourists as people from all over the world manage to seamlessly blend into this winter hotspot. As well as the busyness in the town centre, there are plenty of places just outside of the resort that offer more peace and quiet, making this the ideal holiday destination for just about any type of traveller.

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Cheap holidays to Cozumel are getting booked everyday by jet-setters from the UK and the region can be reached from a few airports here. The easiest way to reach Cozumel is to fly into its own international airport. However, flights can be a little more restricted so Cancún might be your better choice to target. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site for more amazing holidays to this part of the world. Direct flights to either Cozumel or Cancún are usually around 10 and a half hours long.

Cozumel is a busy tourist destination throughout the year, but perhaps the best time to visit is when the rest of Europe is at its coldest - during the winter months. This is the time of year when temperatures are in their late 20s on most days which is ideal for getting yourself to the beach.The summertime is also a great time to visit this resort, with temperatures rising into the mid-30s on a fairly frequent basis.

Cozumel has a wide range of things to do and see and heading down to the beach should be towards the top of that list. Take advantage of the abundance of exotic marine life by doing some snorkelling, either by yourself or with trained professionals that can guide you through the best spots and safety precautions. The soft, sandy beaches are pristine for soaking up a bit of sun and the crystal-clear waters make swimming an extremely pleasurable experience. Head away from the beach and town centre and you will find no shortage of opportunities to immerse yourself in nature. Wild natural parks, quieter beaches and large stretches of coral reefs are just a few things to discover.

Most of the accommodation options in Cozumel are concentrated in the downtown part of the resort next to ‘El Centro’. Here you will find all types of hotels that are typical of a holiday resort including a few all-inclusive options too. The further you go from the tourist areas, the less typical the accommodation style will be including smaller apartments and residents. For the best choice of restaurants, it is best to stick to the busier parts of Cozumel where there aren’t just touristy restaurants but also plenty of places specialising in local dishes.

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