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The Pacific Coast of Mexico refers to the southwestern rim of the country and is also known as the Mexican Riviera. It has the country’s largest concentration of beach resorts and is one of the best places to travel to in order to get some summer or winter sunshine. There is plenty to do along this coast for all types of traveller; from sightseeing to beach bathing to hiking to water sports and much more.

Package Holidays to the Pacific Coast of Mexico

Package holidays to the Pacific Coast of Mexico continue to be a big hit with travellers from all over the world and the region can be reached from a select few airports in the UK. Most tourists flying to Pacific Coast Mexico fly to Puerto Vallarta International Airport, but there are other options including Manzanillo International Airport. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site for more great holiday destinations along the Pacific coastline. Direct flights to this region are going to be in the 15-hour range which can be really tough. We recommend getting a connecting flight to this part of the world to break up your journey a bit more.

The Pacific Coast’s busiest and arguably best time to visit is during the winter months, particularly from December to March. This is the time of year when temperatures are in the mid- to high-20s on a fairly consistent basis and travellers from Europe and the United States arrive to escape the cold of their own countries. Pacific Coast Mexico is also a popular summer holiday destination as temperatures rise into the 30s. Late summer is a time that you might want to avoid though due to hurricane season being around then.

There are a number of fantastic things to do up and down the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Zihuatanejo is one of the region’s most famous surf spots and not only is surfing offered to both amateurs and professionals with some ideal conditions, the town comes alive, particularly in the summer, with surfers flocking to the shores from all over the world. To catch a bit of winter sun, one of the best resorts to head to is sunny Sayulita. This sleepy town is nestled into rainforest areas and provides one of the most picturesque and peaceful retreats that you can find in this part of the globe.

Because the Pacific Coast is so expansive with so many excellent resorts along its coastline, there is an abundance of amazing places to stay no matter your budget or personal preferences. Anything from luxurious, all-inclusive hotels to grand villas to smaller, cosy apartments to lively hostels are on offer here and just waiting for you to take advantage of them. The same is true for restaurants and dining out in the region. Mexican specialties sit next to international favourites on many menus and with so many restaurants and bars located on the seafront, you don’t want to miss out on the spectacular views.

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