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Coba is one of the most historically-rich resorts in the whole of Mexico, if not the whole world. It is a large, ruined city of the Mayan civilisation and is situated less than 100km away from the famous Chichen Itza. At its peak, Coba is estimated to have had a population of around 50,000 people. There aren’t many tourist facilities in this resort and a lot of walking to do, so make sure you pack appropriately!

Affordable Holidays to Coba

Affordable holidays to Coba are growing in popularity and the region can be reached from most airports in the UK. There are direct flights to Cancún International Airport and from there, the resort is around a 2-hour drive away. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site for more bargains to world-class destinations like this one. Direct flights to this part of Mexico are usually around 10 and a half hours long.

The resort receives a steady number of tourists coming and going all-year-round.  The best time to visit is almost certainly the winter months with temperatures peaking in the high-20s. For the rest of the year, temperatures can get up to the mid-30s which can be too intense for some considering the amount of walking in shadeless areas that you will have to do here. The summer is still a good time to go though if you bring plenty of sunscreen, portable shade and are thinking of visiting any beach resorts close-by.

The ancient ruins are by far the biggest attraction in Coba. Only a small portion of the ruins have been fully cleared of jungle debris but the parts that you do get to see are simply stunning. The Nohuch Mul pyramid stands 138 feet tall and is the tallest Mayan structure in the whole of the Yucatan. There are many other amazing sights to see including ancient temples, galleries and even an astronomical observatory. As of May 2017, it is still permitted to climb the grand pyramid where you will be rewarded for your hard work with incredible views of the surrounding region.

Coba is mainly made up of the ancient Mayan ruins so you will find next-to-no accommodation options in the immediate vicinity of the resort. Your best bet is to find something small-scale on the outskirts of Coba or choose something more to your suiting in places like Tulum or Akumal and commute to the ancient sites from there. When visiting the grand complex of ruins in Coba, there are no tourist facilities so be sure to bring a packed lunch with you. For dining out, it is also recommended to eat at the nearby resorts.

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