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Cabo San Lucas is one of the most lively tourist resorts in Baja California with holidaymakers from all over the world flocking to these shores all 12 months of the year. Expect sandy beaches with many other people close by, cruise ships rolling in daily, main streets lined with fancy restaurants and bars and a nightlife that is one of the best in the region. If buzzing holiday resorts are your sort of thing, Cabo San Lucas might just be the place for you.

Cheap and Cheerful Holidays to Cabo San Lucas

Cheap and cheerful holidays to Cabo San Lucas are already very popular with travellers from the UK and the region can be reached from a select few airports here. Los Cabos Airport is the largest nearby airport and Cabo San Lucas is around a half hour drive from there. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site for more great deals to Cabo San Lucas. Direct flights to Los Cabos can take up to 12-hours and sometimes longer if you need to grab a connecting flight.

Because of its year round popularity, there really isn’t a bad time to visit Cabo San Lucas. The busiest months with the most activity and tourist facilities are the winter months, with temperatures reaching the high 20s and people looking to escape the cold winters of the UK. May to June is a better time to go if you want to visit when the crowds have died down a little, although the temperatures reach the mid 30s throughout these months. No matter when you choose to go, you can expect to have a fantastic time!

There are a number of incredible things to do in Cabo San Lucas and quite a lot of them revolve around the beach areas of the resort. Playa Los Cerritos is one of the biggest beaches located just north of the resort. Here you will find long, expansive sandy beaches with a bit more space to spread yourself out than in the centre of the resort. Playa del Amor, or ‘Beach of Love’, is one of the most picturesque beaches in the region and is a very romantic destination for couples. Another great thing to do in Cabo San Lucas is a bit of retail therapy. Puerto Paraíso Mall is the place you will want to head to to splash out on some luxury goods to take back home.

Cabo San Lucas is a busy tourist resort all-year-round and as a result, there is no shortage of impeccable hotels to choose from. All along the waterfront you will find grand hotels offering a variety of catering options to guests as well as stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. There are a few budget options in this resort but most hotels that you will find are premium-style. When eating out in Cabo San Lucas, you will find plenty of choices too. Restaurants catered to tourists are dotted all over the resort as well as lively bars and nightclubs. If evening fun is what you seek, you will have a whale of a time here!

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