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Kampi is a small village resort located on the west coast of Zakynthos. It is home to less than 100 people and is the ideal destination for those looking for a quiet, peaceful retreat into the Greek island countryside given the stunning vineyards surrounding the resort. However, we don’t really recommend travelling to Kampi if you have kids that need to be entertained.

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One of the best things to ‘do’ in Kampi is not really do anything. It is an extremely idyllic place and the best way to make the most of it is simply soak in the stunning scenery and take life at a slower pace like many of the locals do. The village is surrounded by olive groves and vineyards that have defined Greek culture for centuries. The sunset views are the main attraction to this place and are best enjoyed while sipping a glass of wine at one of the restaurants that overlook the cliffs of the island.

In terms of accommodation in the area, the options are very limited. There are only a couple of villas that are available for rent but there is actually a 5-star hotel just north of the village which could be a good option if you want the best of both with just a short journey between the hotel and Kampi. The restaurants in Kampi serve up delicious Greek traditional dishes and the tavernas here are the ideal place to grab a bite to eat.

The holiday season in Kampi lasts from April until around October. Temperatures range from being comfortably in the twenties in low season and into the thirties in the height of summer. Several low cost airlines fly to Zakynthos Airport from regional airports. You can check on the Cheekytrip website for the availability of holidays from your local airport. The transfer time from the airport to Kampi is around 40 minutes.

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