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Karlovasi is the second largest town in Samos and it is located in the northwestern part of the island. There are around 5,000 inhabitants many of whom are engaged in tourism and fishing while the town itself looks like something straight from a postcard! The neoclassical housing and elegant mansions are definitely worth snapping a few holiday pictures of.

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One of the most popular sites to visit is Potami Waterfalls, itis considered to be a must-visit by many tourists. This beautiful hike will take you through the trees and by the cliffs before a short swim to the end of the stream in order to see the waterfall, it is definitely a great place to visit if you are wanting a change from your typical beach day. Another popular walking route is along Mikro Seitani, it generally takes people around 30 minutes to complete and the terrain can be quite rocky but the beach is definitely worth it. Finally, if you are looking for a much bigger beach and a place to spend a relaxing beach day why not consider Potami Beach? This pretty pebble beach offers beautiful views and clear water, however, if you are staying here for the full day it is recommended to bring your own umbrella as it can be difficult to find shade.

You will find a good selection of accommodation available in Karlovasi ranging from cheap hotels, to apartments and holiday homes. Some of the most popular hotels include Hesperia Hotel, Aegeon Hotel and Amanda Hotel all of which are located very close to the beach. As well as that, in the summer you can experience average temperatures of over 30 degrees celsius and average water temperatures of up to 22 degrees celsius.

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