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Svoronata is a quiet, sleepy and idyllic destination in Kefalonia. It is the archetypal traditional Greek destination with its laid-back way of life, delicious hand-prepared food and stunning scenery everywhere you look. Most of your days in Svoronata will be spent relaxing in peace as there isn’t much in terms of major sights to see or nightlife. However, a hire car will permit you to visit all of the nearby, livelier resorts if that is something that you want access to as well.

Low Cost Holidays to Svoronata

Low-cost holidays to Svoronata are a unique experience and the region can be reached from most regional airports in the UK. The resort itself is very conveniently located around a 5-10 minute drive from Kefalonia International Airport. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site for budget holiday deals to this picturesque part of the world. Direct flights to Kefalonia tend to be around 3 and a half hours long and a bit longer if you need to get a connecting flight.

The best time to visit this resort is definitely the summer period as you can’t do as many activities like sitting outside the cafes when the winter period comes around. Temperatures tend to reach the high 20s throughout the summer months on a fairly consistent basis whilst the period between Autumn to Spring drops to the low teens. The summer period is also when most of the businesses dedicated to tourists are open and the resort is at its prettiest.

Svoronata is a resort that is surrounded by beautiful scenery and wherever you walk or sit in the town, you will have an incredible view. From lush olive and orange groves to rows upon rows of fruit orchards and other plants and flowers, there are plenty of opportunities for a photo or two. Although Svoronata is located around one mile inland, the closest beach is just a half hour walk away or a few minutes by car. We recommend hiring a car so that you can also experience the busier resorts of Argostoli and Lassi, before retreating in the evenings to your quiet oasis here.

Despite receiving relatively low tourist numbers compared to other parts of Kefalonia, Svoronata still has a fantastic range of hotels and accommodation to choose from. There are large and small hotels, expensive and cheap, as well as smaller apartments and villas to rent out. Most of the restaurants that you will find here are traditional and use plenty of local ingredients. The people of this town are very friendly and welcoming to people who may not have tried their delicious local delicacies before.

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