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Ouranoupolis is a village in the Halkidiki region of Greece, near Mount Athos. It is relatively isolated compared to other resorts in the region and as a result, hasn’t been affected by mass tourism. The town’s main source of income is through Mount Athos-related trade and pilgrimage. This destination is for anyone who wants to see a traditional, relaxing and different side of Greece than they might be used to.

Cheap Holidays to Ouranoupolis

Cheap holidays to Ouranoupolis are becoming increasingly popular and the region can be reached from most airports in the UK. There are direct flights to Thessaloniki Airport and from there, the resort is around 1 hour and 45-minutes away. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site for more budget-friendly holidays to destinations all over the world. Direct flights to Halkidiki tend to be just under 4 hours long.

The resort receives the most tourism during the summer period that runs from spring until autumn but never gets busy at all. Temperatures tend to reach at least the high-20s and often the low-30s throughout these summer months. Prices are usually a little bit cheaper from autumn to spring. However, much of the tourism here is focused around the pleasant summer months and around the bays and coastline so we recommend a visit during this time of year.

The main attractions to Ouranoupolis are the things that you can see, rather than do. This resort is steeped in ancient Greek tradition - for better and worse. Women are not allowed to enter the monasteries on Mount Athos. The only options for women to get a glimpse of the famous monasteries is via a boat sightseeing tour of the region. However, entering Mount Athos is worth your while if you are able to do so and so is visiting the Byzantine Tower. This tower is also known as the Tower of Prosforio and was built in medieval times by monks to protect from enemy raids.

The accommodation options in Ouranoupolis are fairly standard since the village doesn’t receive much tourism. Comfortable hotels with good facilities are located by the beach. A variety of places to eat and drink can also be found by the beach in Ouranoupolis as well as along the village’s main roads. They specialise in (and only really serve) traditional Greek food and freshly caught fish dishes which are delicious and highly recommended.

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