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Kolymbari is a small, sleepy fishing village in the west of Crete. It is popular with tourists looking for a quiet sunshine getaway, reasonably far from the larger crowds that you can get in many parts of this island. Aside from the slower pace of life, most tourists come here to see the famous monastery of Gonia. 

Budget Friendly Holidays to Kolymbari

Budget-friendly holidays to Kolymbari are available from most major airports in the UK and since the route is so well-loved by tourists, there is bound to be a departure time that suits you. Kolymbari is located around a 40-minute drive from Chania airport. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site for more fantastic deals to this part of the world. Flight duration to Crete from most major UK airports is around 4 hours long and with this resort less than an hour connection away, you will be able to get straight into relaxation mode!

The most popular period to visit Kolymbari is the spring to autumn period with temperatures often climbing to the high 20s during these months. However, the resort never gets too busy compared to neighbouring Chania and other resorts of a similar size. The temperatures drop to around the mid-teens in the winter months and while there will still be a few things to do in the off-season, Kolymbari doesn’t see the same level of activity as the summer.

There are a variety of things to do and see in Kolymbari. One of those is to spend a day at the beach which was awarded blue-flag status in 2007. However, it isn’t one of the better beaches on the island in terms of quality and atmosphere but is still decent for spending a portion of a day or two there. Kolymbari is big on its fishing though and the resort houses the The Fishing Museum of Crete which is a big deal if you’re into that sort of thing. Perhaps the biggest attraction to this place though is the Monastery of Gonia. It has plenty of history behind it, including surviving various wars, invasions and other major events.

Kolymbari has a solid selection of accommodation options, although not as varied as other parts of Crete. Smaller hotels are certainly more common than larger ones and you can find some affordable apartments and bed & breakfasts dotted all over the resort. In terms of dining in Kolymbari, the town has plenty of incredible tavernas to pick from that are very cheap too. Head towards the shoreline for some beach restaurants and cafes with sea views!

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