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Why YOU should visit the Venice Carnival!

Reece Cowan February 03rd, 2020 3,577 views

The city of Venice is known for its exuberance and culture, with a luxurious way of living being the common perception of the city. This is highlighted even more so in carnival season! The Venice carnival really does show the cities freedom of expression, with people from across the world coming to show the art of the costume. The carnival lets those who dare relish in new emotions, with non-stop action and party enveloping the city. We've had a look at everything the festival has to offer and why it should move to the top of your bucket list! 

The festival's beginnings

Carnevale di Venezia (Venice Carnival) dates all the way back to 1162, with the celebration of victory against the Patriarch of Aquileia. Other sources suggest the origins of the festival was a celebration and a sense of release for the poor people of the city, with festivities almost being a distraction from the reality in which faced the poor people of Venice in 1162. 

Due to the early timescale, the festival has come and went throughout history, but the event came into full tuition in 1979, with the government trying to alight the historical prestige of the city. This revival caught the attention of the world, with the festival being the centre of a series of historical re-enactments, and those who saw the collage of beautiful costumes capture the true essence of the city quickly jumped ship, with those flourishing from far and wide to feel the explosive eye-catching event. This saw the popularity of the event boom and now Venice Carnival is regarded with the most prestigious carnivals Europe has to offer!

What to wear at Venice carnival

Venice carnival really is accessible to all, meaning you can wear anything you want, regardless of the simplicity or extravagance! However, if you are struggling for ideas, a Venetian mask is always a good shout. The mask is a staple of the carnival with all designs being on the show, the mask alludes back to the festival being a statement of history and heritage and with the mask being a centuries-old tradition of Venice, the mask is almost seen as the most iconic attire to wear to the carnival. Don't worry if you aren't feeling up to wearing a costume - many onlookers come to simply spectate the festival.

The grand opening of the Venice Carnival

The opening to the carnival really does start with a bang! If you're choosing just one day to visit the spectacle, the opening ceremony isn't a bad shout! The proceedings start at 10:30 am, opening up the day while leaving plenty of time to explore what the carnival has to offer. In previous years, the carnival has started with a huge water parade, with people dressing up in consumes and sailing down the cities canals. Additionally, in previous years the opening ceremony was "La Festa Veneziana" in which entertains thousands of spectators to watch.

When does the festival start?

The 2020 Venice carnival will start on the Saturday 8th February, and last all the way through to Tuesday 25th,  giving you plenty of time to participate in the celebrations! 

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