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Cheekytrip Reviews: Paris

Reece Cowan December 02nd, 2019 3,393 views

Paris is one of of the most desirable places on earth. Cheekytrip takes a look at some of the top reasons why you should take your next city break to the cosmopolitan capital of France.  

The Beauty of Paris

Paris remains one of the most visited cities in the world with people from every walk of life wanting to visit. This does not just lie with the beautiful enriched history, But with the mesmerizing architecture.

19th Century Paris was completely reimagined by George-Eugène Haussmann and was built to match the Beautiful history of the French capital. The previous Paris did not do the history justice, with the centre of Paris often being seen as overcrowded, dark, dangerous and unhealthy. This is totally against the prestige of Paris in the common day. Haussmann saw this and revolutionised the city with a street plan to change the city for the greater good.  The street plan of Paris is with the most recognisable on earth, giving Paris a distinct sense of beauty.

Alongside its beauty, Paris offers a unique and interesting perspective on the European history and culture. The standout centrepiece of the city of course lies with the Eiffel tower, The tower signifies the beauty of Paris, from tip to toe, the tower Brings extraordinary history to Europe. 

Moreover, The Eiffel Tower isn't the only thing you will take from Paris, the Capital of fashion is many people's choice for a honeymoon, As we have stated many times before Paris is very pretty, The wide streets perfectly match the Abundance of historical buildings on display in Paris . You cannot get lost in Paris when searching for beauty, as there is always something around the corner.

The film scene
Many films are shot in the French Capital, because quite simply, the city makes for a beautiful backdrop. It is extremely easy to set a romantic theme, due to the well-known "city of love" naming convention attached to Paris. 

In modern day Paris, self-expression is a huge reason as to why Paris is seen as so special. Parisians see self expression as a sense of standing up for what they believe in and to why Paris is a huge factor behind many French revolutions. Self-Expression in Paris comes in many forms, through art and language to strikes. This and many more reasons is to why Paris is at the forefront of free expression worldwide. The freedom to say and communicate thoughts and feelings is one of the most precious rights in Paris. 

For centuries, the French capital has expressed the feelings of the nation. Creating a stage and platform for artists to show their feelings through the most impressionable platforms, The more creative the performance, the more people who will obtain the message, simple. Making the artists legendary, not just off ability, but passion for what they and the nation believe in. 

François-Marie Arouet is the perfect example of a legendary Parisian who perfectly articulated self-expression in Paris. The French writer expressed his advocacy for freedom of speech and religion and today is honoured with his attempts to legalize the people’s freedom and is regarded as one of the first to express this feeling. He showed his beliefs through the novella "Candide" 

City Of Light
The popular naming convention originated around 1667 when the crime rate in Paris sky rocketed. the police lieutenant at the time was given the task to make the streets of Paris safer, the lieutenant at the time theorized that more lighting would decrease this rate, Lanterns were placed at every main street throughout Paris and the citizens in Paris were asked to light the windows up in the city with candle and oil lamps. The crime rates massively dropped, and with this progression came the name "city of light".

Top 5 Attractions in Paris 

1) Eiffel Tower: Where else to start but with the biggest attraction in Paris. Reaching a towering 324 metres high and around 7 million visitors a year. The eiffel tower signifies everything great about Paris and should be top of your bucket list for Paris 

2) River cruise on the Seine: River cruises in Paris on the Seine is among the most popular for tourists and for good reason! The many cruise options will take you through Paris and see the mose magnificent of buildings in Paris. 

3) Louvre Museum: The home of the most expansive collecetion of pre 20th century sculptures and the most expensive collection of paintings including the mona lisa and the venus de milo. The museum is a staple of Paris and is considered an iconic staple for all Parisians.

4) Arc De Triomph: The building stands at 164 feet and is to symbolise power and triumph, making this an iconic structure for many Parisians and giving a sense of power to those who want it.

5) The foundation Louis Vuitton: The unique structure stands out in the Parisian skyline due to the collection of mezmorizing art by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson   

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