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The best Game of Thrones locations you can visit

Chris Butler April 05th, 2019 22,374 views

As the final season of Game of Thrones approaches its conclusion, Cheekytrip takes a look at some of the series' most iconic filming locations you can visit.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

King's Landing, the capital of Westeros, is arguably the most iconic Game of Thrones location of them all. Cersei's walk of atonement in the episode 'Mother's Mercy' was shot in The Stradun, the main street between Sponza Palace and the Cathedral. In what has been a bit of a double-edged sword for the city, concerns of over-tourism have arisen as the show's popularity has grown,  but the crowds don't seem like slowing down anytime soon. See our deals to Dubrovnik. 

Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland
The unforgettable sight of The Dark Hedges has been immortalized by the HBO hit. The hedges appear most notably when Arya Stark is escaping King's Landing to head North to reunite with her brother Jon Snow. Areas around Belfast are home to much of filming locations in the series, including Dragonstone and lots of the land near Winterfell. Guided Game of Thrones tours can be purchased here

Alcázar PalaceSeville, Spain

The Alcázar Palace in Seville is the setting for Royal Palace Of Dorne, the residence of Prince Oberyn aka The Viper, and the rest of House Martell. The beautiful Moorish palace has always been a major attraction for tourists and lovers of architecture, but the show's impact has exposed the palace to a whole new audience. The palace has a history with film and tv, it was also used on set in the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia.  Guided tours are €7 and can be purchased here.

Thingvellir, Iceland

Much of the series' filming is shot in Iceland's beautiful national park Thingvellir. Part of the park, The Öxarárfoss, is a stretch of exposed tectonic plates that create and tower over a natural path. This is the location for a scene where Sansa and Littlefinger make their way through the path as they approach the Bloody Gate where Lysa Stark resides. This stretch has also been used in scenes with Wildings like Ygritte and Tormund as a resting camp.


Have you ever been to any Game of Thrones shooting locations? Let us know about your experiences over on Facebook.


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