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Top 3 Winter Sun Destination Ideas

Ian Raine August 23rd, 2021 1,010 views

Cuba beach
With the UK being reliably cold and wet most winters, it is no surprise that so many people look to escape the doom and gloom and travel to somewhere that has reliable winter sunshine to lift the mood. There is no shortage of superb winter sun destinations, both near and far, that are sure to provide the exact getaway that you are looking for. Here are our top five picks for some much-needed winter sun...

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is without a doubt one of the best destinations to target for some guaranteed warm winter sunshine. The islands are sun-kissed all year round and if you head there in the winter, you can still expect the temperatures to reach the 20s every day.

The islands are just a short flight away at around about 4 hours and are in the same time zone as the UK, so you won’t need to do much adjusting when travelling there and back. The Canaries are known for their wonderful beaches - both sandy and pebbly - as well as their vast amount of fabulous hotels, watersports activities, bars, restaurants and much more.


Malta is another perfect winter hotspot that you should be targeting. Although temperatures don’t climb as high as some of the other destinations on this list, Malta receives one of the highest amounts of sunshine in Europe per year at around 3000 hours. The winter is no exception with clear blue skies the norm.

The short flight duration is also a huge bonus at 3 hours, meaning you can get a morning flight and be relaxing by the pool by about lunch time. Malta is also known for its variety of excellent beaches, outdoor activities and very leisurely way of life. In that respect, it is one of the best choices on this list if you value relaxation more than anything else.

Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is perhaps the most tried, tested and popular destination on this list, particularly for the summer months. However, it also serves as an incredible winter destination. Temperatures often climb to the mid- to late-teens and although this is certainly cooler than the summer period, these temperatures are still a lot warmer than many other parts of Europe at this time.

The fact that the Costa del Sol has a number of destinations, short flight times and so much accessibility up and down the UK, it stands out as one of our favourite hassle-free winter sun hotspots. This time of year is perfect for activities on the beach, water sports, city breaks and is still pleasant enough to sit outside with a beer or a coffee.

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