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Post Lockdown Holiday Destination Inspirations

Ian Raine January 20th, 2021 13,736 views

Summer 2021 is already fast approaching and there are plenty of sizzling sunshine destinations for you to have a look at. These beautiful holiday hotspots are there to give you a much needed break in some warmer weather.

Whether you are into relaxing on the beach with your feet up, topping up your tan or prefer to do some sightseeing in foreign lands, here are 6 incredible destinations that should be on your shortlist for this summer…


Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm el sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh is perhaps one of the lesser known destinations on our list but it certainly deserves its place. It is one of the biggest cities in Egypt and is not just a wonderful summer destination, but is well worth a visit all-year-round.

From the twinkling resorts by the sea to the incredible Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve to a stunning coral reef to a very lively nightlife with clubs and casinos, Sharm El-Sheikh far surpasses the imagination of what most people traditionally think of Egypt.

The sandy beaches here are also some of the best that the world has to offer. They are complemented by calm waters, amazing seaside facilities and plenty of gorgeous resorts with swimming pools and easy access to the coast. It is the perfect holiday to share with friends and family if you are looking for something a little different.

Did you know? The waters of Sharm El Sheikh are well-known for constantly being warm, except for the occasional cold winter!


Canary Islands


The Canary Islands have long been a year-round favourite holiday destination for us Brits - not just the summer. Located just off the west coast of Africa, the Canaries are known for their hot weather, beautiful beaches, soft sands, and warm waters.

There is a wide variety of things to do whether you choose to visit Lanzarote, Tenerife or Fuerteventura. Some of these include watersports, hiking up the side of volcanoes, wining and dining and just relaxing on the beach. Travelling with family, friends, a loved one or on your own are all excellent options in the Canary Islands as they cater to all types of holiday.

Did you know? The Canary bird was named after the islands, not the other way round!



Turkey Holidays

Turkey is another fantastic summer getaway option that is host to a whole variety of gorgeous holiday destinations.

The glorious beaches and hospitality of Antalya, the bustling and culturally-rich centre of Istanbul and the lively coastal activities of Dalaman are just some of the many options provided by one of the world’s most diverse countries.

Turkey experiences beautiful weather throughout the summer months, with temperatures regularly reaching 30C and dropping to very comfortable temperatures during the night. The destinations in Turkey are also often some of the most affordable in Europe from the UK.

Did you know? Turkey is part of both Europe and Asia!




Dubai has gained a reputation for fast cars, lots of money, expensive hotels and gold-plated everything. However, it is far more than that as a summer destination and has everything that a holidaymaker from the UK could ever want or need.

Although the summer temperatures can be too hot for many, much of the summer tourism takes place indoors, with swimming pools and resorts perfectly regulated to a comfortable temperature. There is much more to do in Dubai though than just lounge around…

Retail therapy is a must and there is no grander place to do it than in the spectacular Dubai Mall. There is the historical quarter of Al Fahidi to explore as well as the towering and famous Burj Khalifa to see.

Did you know? Dubai is home to the tallest skyscraper in the world!




The Caribbean is not just one of the greatest summer destinations, it is actually a hotspot to visit all year round with the temperature rarely dropping below 20C at any given time of the year.

This beautiful section of earth is home to a wide variety of exciting and unique islands, each with their own Caribbean flavour of music, food and attractions. Some of the most well known include Jamaica, Barbados and the Bahamas but there are also some hidden gems including Nevis, Culebra and Puerto Rico.

If you are travelling to the Caribbean, expect a relaxed way of life, plenty of sunbathing, swimming, watersports and delicious local food and drink. Each island has its own cultures, traditions and things to do so be sure to be back more than once!

Did you know? Only around 2% of the Caribbean Islands are inhabited by people!




Amsterdam has long been one of Europe’s most charming, culturally-diverse and unique city breaks - no matter where you are travelling from. However you may perceive Amsterdam, whether it be its abundance of bicycles or the famous Red Light District, we can guarantee that the city offers so much more.

During the summer months, the city is at its most lively and the temperature often climbs into the 20s. Expect to see the hustle and bustle in and out of cafes and bars, people picnicking, flowers in full bloom and an all-round warm atmosphere that surrounds Amsterdam and its people.

Whether you are travelling alone, with friends or with family, Amsterdam has something to offer all types of traveller. The accommodation is varied too for those looking for cheap hostels to the most luxurious of hotels - it is all available here.

Did you know? Amsterdam has 165 canals!

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