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In these uncertain times, it would be no crime to occupy your mind with the future and the good times that lie ahead. This is why we want to provide some summer 2021 holiday inspiration. As we all know, time moves quickly, and before you know it next year's summer will be around the corner. As a holiday price comparsion service scanning multiple holiday websites, we have discovered many firms offering holidays with low deposits for booking early, so you'll once again be able to travel to your favourite holiday destinations and have something to finally look forward to. Here are a few of Cheekytrip's favourite & best holiday spots for 2021:

Where To Go On Holiday in 2021?

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Spain is always one of our favourite holiday destinations. Whether you're after some golden stretches of beach on the Costa del Sol or some culture in Costa de Almeria, there are so many great resorts to choose from that we can guarantee your holiday satisfaction.

Greece's various islands all offer their own perks and quirks, from Zante's wild nightlife to Crete's sandy beaches and beautiful nature, but if there is one thing Greece as a whole can always offer, it's the certainty of an amazing holiday.

If you fancy something further afield, the Caribbean is home to amazing islands like Jamaica, Barbados and Cuba, perfect for an all inclusive fortnight away from it all. The sun shines for much of the year, with peak average temperatures reaching around 29°C in the peak tourist months between December and April.