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Cheekytrip Reviews: Cape Verde

Daniel Riley November 12th, 2021 8,741 views

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an island archipelago that is located just off Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Verde manages to strike the perfect balance between being modernised enough where all of your standard tourist facilities and amenities are available but still being true to its local traditions and culture, which you will find evidence of everywhere you go on the islands. It is one of the most up-and-coming holiday destinations anywhere in the world right now, and here we are going to highlight the very best of what the varied islands have to offer…

Cape Verde Beaches

Undoubtedly the main reason why most tourists flock to the beautiful islands of Cape Verde is the stunning beaches. The island archipelago has a number of incredible white sandy beaches that match a warm, comfortable climate. Almost everywhere you turn on any island you will find a great beach but we recommend sticking to the beaches that are close to the larger towns and cities as they tend to have more facilities. The beaches next to the city of Tarrafal are a great place to start and are renowned as a superb place for beach swimming. The island of Maio is known for its secluded and paradisiacal beaches and it makes Maio the place to target if you enjoy quiet days on the beach followed by a relaxing evening enjoying the local culture. The beaches by the small town of Morro are considered by some to be the best in the whole of Cape Verde. Other amazing beach spots to target include anywhere on the island of Sal.


Although not all of the islands that make up Cape Verde have cities or towns where you can party until the early hours of the morning, you might just be surprised at just how many there are if you are looking for that kind of holiday. One of the best party spots is the city of Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente. The clubs and bars here are open until the early hours and you will find plenty of other party-goers that target this town as well. Although they aren’t necessarily designed for partying, you will still find some fantastic places to eat and drink in the evening in any of Cape Verde’s major towns and cities.


When most people picture Cape Verde they rightfully think of long sandy beaches and cocktails in the sun. However, you might be surprised to find out that Cape Verde has a number of fantastic hiking routes and trails that offer spectacular views of the surrounding region and beyond. The most prominent island of Fogo boasts the volcano Pico de Fogo which is the island’s main attraction. It can be climbed in around 6 hours and not only will you enjoy terrific views as you climb up Pico de Fogo, you will also be able to say that you have climbed a volcano which not many people can acclaim to! If you want to visit a town like no other, we recommend a walk up to Ribeira Grande, a small city nestled in a valley on the island of Santo Antao with great local markets and hot springs that are a hit with tourists.


Many parts of the Cape Verde islands offer great opportunities to try some water sports. We understand that not everyone wants to lie down in the sun all day, so we highly recommend the different water sports and activities that the islands have to offer. One of the best places to target is the city of Santa Maria located on the island of Sal. Here you will have the opportunity to race away on some speedy jet skis or to scuba dive in the crystal clear waters surrounding the island. The area around Santa Maria is developing all of the time, so you might also come across paddleboarding and kayaking too. The town of Palmeira on the island of Sal is famous for its incredible diving spots which include underwater caves just off the coastline.

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