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Sal Island is a true beach-lover’s paradise and is a part of Cape Verde. It contains amazing resorts like Sal and Santa Maria that cater to all types of tourists. Whether you like relaxing on golden sands, taking part in some exciting water sports, dancing your night away in bars and clubs, or simply all of the above, Sal Island is an exotic getaway that caters to all of that and more.

Holiday Deals to Sal Island

Holiday Deals to Sal Island in Cape Verde are becoming more and more popular and the region can be reached from a select number of airports in the UK. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site to find holiday deals your local airport. Direct flights to Sal tend to be around 6 hours. This is starting to err towards the long-haul side of things but is definitely worth it upon arrival in this paradise!

Sal Island is at its most lively from November to June where the island experiences the least amount of rain and the temperatures are very warm. The months of August to October bring a bit more rainfall but the island remains very humid, warm and tropical. If you want to make the most of Sal Island’s golden, sandy beaches, then we recommend you stay here during the drier months.

Aside from its glorious beaches, there is actually still a lot more to discover and explore on Sal Island. The resort of Santa Maria provides a wide variety of shops, restaurants and bars. There is much to learn about the island’s once flourishing salt trade and there is a number of excursions around the island to see all of the sights from a different perspective. 15th August sees the island’s largest festival with processions, swimming contests and live music on the beach - you won’t want to miss it!

Sal Island has a fantastic range of accommodation options to choose from. There are luxurious all inclusive hotels with pools and superb amenities, hotels right by the beach overlooking the ocean, cheaper hostels in the heart of the resorts and delightful villas dotted all over the island. The variety of cuisine on this island is also phenomenal, with the best choice being in and around the popular resorts. Cassava, vegetables, corn and beans are some of the island favourites so be sure to try a dish with some of those ingredients thrown in!

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