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5 of the best things to do in Budapest

Chris Butler March 15th, 2019 9,587 views

Budapest's rise in popularity as a European city destination has been rapid, but not surprising. The city looks amazing, there are tons of things do and it's relatively cheap. Here are five of the best places to visit in the city:

Swim in the Széchenyi Baths

Budapest is renowned for is its thermal baths, which have been a staple of the city since Roman times. The Széchenyi Baths located in City Park is the most famous of all, with the distinctive yellow neo-baroque buildings making the baths iconic in the city. In the heated mineral-enriched waters, tourists and locals mingle for a restorative dip and even a game of chess. Just remember to bring your swimming costume and a towel. 

Visit Szimpla Kert, the city's first ruin bar

In 2004, a number of buildings in the Budapest Jewish Quarter were saved from demolition by local entrepreneurs. The spaces were then converted into what is now known as 'ruin bars'. Szimpla Kert was the first, and arguably the best ruin bar in Budapest, becoming a social hub for the city.  With quirky furniture and a laid-back atmosphere, Szimpla Kert is a great place to go for day time coffee or an evening drink and bite to eat; you're likely to see some art, hear some music and have a great time with friends.

Climb up Gellért Hill

From the Buda side of the city, you can climb (or get a taxi) to the top of Gellért Hill. The amazing panoramic views from the top capture Budapest in all its splendour, with major attractions like the Parliament building, the Danube river and Chain Bridge, St Stephen's Basilica and the Castle all on view.  At the top, you'll also find Citadel, a fortress built in 1854 by the Austrian empire to keep the city under surveillance, along with a museum honouring the fallen victims of WWII, photo exhibitions, restaurants and cafes.

Visit the Fisherman's Bastion

The Fisherman’s Bastion, made up of seven towers representing the tribes that founded the nation, is one of the greatest buildings in the city. It's hard to beat in terms of beauty - the Bastion is a Disney-esque, white stone building with a walkway terrace going around the edge of its towers. Like the Gellért Hill, the views from the Bastion are some of the finest you'll find in the city. Bring your camera along - yours snaps will look great on Instagram.


Eat street food at the Downtown Market Hall

Renovated in 2014, the 19th century Downtown Market Hall is full of locally sourced products and delicious street food stalls, from the traditional goulash to Austrian-inspired chocolates. The building itself is equally as impressive as the gastronomy on offer, and guided tours will show you around, giving you the history of the market whilst you sample authentic Hungarian dishes and beers in the process.


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