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Puerto Mogan is a peaceful village in Gran Canaria that provides a bit of respite from the busier, often hectic other resorts of the island. It is an extremely picturesque region of Gran Canaria with its stylish houses, small bridges and breathtaking surroundings. It is considered the ‘Venice of Gran Canaria’ for good reason and is a particularly romantic destination - making it an ideal choice for a couples’ getaway. 

Bargain Holidays to Puerto Mogan

Bargain holidays to the resort of Puerto Mogan in Gran Canaria are becoming increasingly popular and it can be reached from most airports in the UK. There are direct flights to the island’s main airport, with other resorts such as Puerto Mogan being very accessible from there. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site to find a bargain holiday to Puerto Mogan from your local airport. Direct flights to the island tend to be around 4 hours.

Puerto Mogan is at its most lively during the summer period that runs from Spring until Autumn. Temperatures tend to reach the high 20s throughout these summer months. However, a visit in the off-season might suit you if you want to do a bit of wandering around the resort and the local walking trails in a more comfortable heat. However, most of the tourist activities and captivating excitement of the city is felt during the summer months, so we recommend a visit then.

One of the best things to do in Puerto Mogan is to simply take a nice leisurely stroll through the village as you are likely to see something new and spectacular each time. No building is allowed to be built higher than two storeys meaning that Puerto Mogan will retain its quaint village-feel long into the future. The water that runs through the resort often travels beneath people’s homes and walks to the marina and fishing port are lined with arches and other scenic features. Sailing along the coast from the marina and taking a trip on one of the local fishing boats are also great activities to take part in. This is certainly one of the most laid back and idyllic resorts on the island. 

Perhaps the best place to find accommodation in Puerto Mogan would be in the village’s ‘Spanish quarter’. Here you will find a number of guest houses that are very reasonably priced and there are also some great options down by the harbour. Some of them have roof terraces which provide unmatched views of the island’s stunning sunsets. There is a good selection of restaurants at this resort too, many of which are situated by the water’s edge. We recommend any one of the fish dishes as they are freshly caught and are usually one of the chef’s specials!

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