Disney Village


Park Benefits

  • One of the best dining and shopping experiences
  • Shows, events and live concerts
  • Take a ride on the PanoraMagique
  • Gaumont Cinema
  • Official Lego store and gift shops
Disney Village is the ideal place to go and chill out after a morning or evening at the parks. The village provides one of the best dining and shopping experiences out there with an authentic Disney twist which creates a very charming and warm vibe around the place. There are shows, events and live concerts that take place in the village every month so make sure you check the website for each month’s full line-up. In fact, there is so much to do and see at Disney Village that it might even be worth dedicating a full day to it if you have the time!
Most of the prime entertainment at Disney Village takes place at dusk or after dark but there are still plenty of things to do if you happen to be passing by during the day. Take a ride on the PanoraMagique, a hot air balloon situated right at the heart of the complex that provides stunning views of Disney and Paris itself, both day and night. You can chill out in the Sports Bar which features tonnes of screens, lots of sports and of course, plenty of beer and hand-picking food! Gaumont Cinema is also always worth a trip if you get the chance. It features an Imax screen and is your go-to place for all of the latest Hollywood adventures, action and fantasy.
No matter the time of year that you visit this place, you can be sure that you are never far away from some sort of event, festival or celebration. The village is decorated spookily for Halloween and festive for Christmas. It also has special celebrations for both St. Patrick’s and St. David’s Day as well as Blues Weekends and much, much more. For almost any event you can think of, Disney Village is likely to be celebrating it in some way.
Dining and shopping go hand-in-hand and Disney Village should be your number 1 spot for both. You can enjoy all types of food in the village from Tex-Mex buffets to more formal sit-down meals with the family to dinner shows with Mickey and his friends performing on stage. As for shopping, you can find almost any sort of Disney merchandise that you can imagine from the various boutiques located all around the complex. The Disney Store is the place you want to head to if you believe in Disney heaven. If you don’t, then you will. The village also features an official Lego store and gift shops at the famous Planet Hollywood and Rainforest Café eateries.


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