Disneyland Paris Parks


Both parks at Disney Paris are sure to set your soul on fire and ignite a new-found hunger for adventure. Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park are the two that you will need tickets for and hiding behind each of their respective gates is a world full of discovery and excitement. A world that is waiting for you. Disney Village is there for you to enjoy at any time and to soak up some of the Disney atmosphere outside of the parks themselves.

Disneyland Park

The land where dreams come true. Disneyland Park is the centre of all of the Disney magic and is sure to whisk you away into a land of adventure.

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Walt Disney Studios Park

Take a sneak-peak behind the scenes of some of your favourite Disney movies including costumes, special effects and the full design process.

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Disney Village

Disney Village is the ideal place to go and chill out after a morning or evening at the parks. The village provides one of the best dining experiences.

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For ticket prices to the two parks, there is quite a lot of flexibility and variation depending on a number of factors. You can get a 1 Day pass or a Multi-Day pass. You can a single park ticket or Multi-Park ticket. You can also throw in a FASTPASS as a part of your ticket which allows you to skip ahead of the normal queues for the park’s attractions. There is also slight change in prices based on the time of year that you decide to go, with summer and festive times usually more expensive than the quieter spring and autumn months.

At each park, you can expect incredible but unique experiences. Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios both have their own attractions, their own characters to meet and greet, their own dining experiences and their own entertainment features throughout the park. That means that there is almost no crossover between the two if you decide to opt for a Multi-Park ticket. Disney Village is a place designed for you to let off a bit of steam after your double park experience. Lined with world-famous shops and dining opportunities, you can dive into a little bit of Disney retail therapy or relax with a couple of cocktails to round off the perfect day.


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