Disney Partner Hotels


When you stay at a Disney Park resort, no matter which one you choose, you know you are getting both the brand and the magic that Disney is famous for. And with all of the resorts being just a stone-throw away from the parks themselves (sometimes even less!), you can be assured that you are never far from excitement and adventure.

Radisson Blu ★★★★

Radisson Blu is one of the more luxurious hotels out of the Disney Partner resorts and is a truly spectacular place to stay.

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Vienna House Magic Circus ★★★★

What happens when you combine a high-quality hotel with the madness and excitement of a circus?

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L'Elysee Val d’Europe ★★★

Located in the vibrant location of Val d’Europe, this classy resort combines Parisian charm with a great base for exploring!

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Vienna House Dream Castle Hotel ★★★

The resort sits by a picturesque lake so you will really feel like you are in a beautiful dream.

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Algonquin’s Explorers Hotel ★★★

Welcome to kids’ paradise! Or as it is locally known, Algonquin’s Explorers Hotel. There is so much for your little ones.

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Kyriad Hotel ★★★

This charming hotel sits in the French countryside and is perfect for relaxing walks through nature and even provides an educational aspect!

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Les Villages Nature® Paris ★★★★

Les Villages Nature resort gives you the not-so-typical Disney experience giving you a chance to connect with the things that truly matter!

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In a similar fashion to the Disney Hotels, the Partner Hotels feature a key-ranking system to give you a general guideline on the ratings of each resort across all aspects: accommodation, services, amenities, dining and activities. On the top of our list you will find 4 Key Radisson Blu hotel. You may already be familiar with the highly reputable name and if not, you will certainly be in for a treat with their trio of 9-hole golf courses and Gold-Star rated service. If you want to add a splash of luxury to your Disney experience then may not want to look any further than this.

The Partner Hotels that we have listed do not drop below 3 Key in quality and that certainly speaks volumes for the amount of excellent choice that is available to you. Kyriad Hotel and Algonquin’s Explorers Hotel are just two that offer their own immersive, unique experiences for a smaller price than that of the 4 Key resorts. That way you can afford to spend a bit more in the parks or simply start saving for your next Disneyland Paris adventure!

All of the resorts are situated just a 10 minute drive or shuttle ride away from the parks themselves with the exception of L’Elysee Val d’Europe which is still only 5km away. This resort is nicely placed however where you are just 35km from the city centre of Paris; something certainly worth checking out if you want the best of both city life and Disney life!

Each of the hotels have their own various unique selling points that are sure to strike a chord with you. For example, Magic Circus and Dream Castle have the perfect décor to match their names. Algonquin’s Explorers which is designed for kids with a hearty appetite for exploration and Kyriad which will whisk you away into the French countryside for a more relaxing retreat. Whatever you seek, you shall find with these incredible Disney Partner Hotels!


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