Les Villages Nature® Paris ★★★★


Hotel Benefits

  • A refreshing lush haven
  • Unlimited access to five immersive worlds
  • Entertainment and sport activities*
Les Villages Nature resort gives you the not-so-typical Disney experience giving you a chance to connect with the things that truly matter: friends, family, nature and of course, fun! You can take your pick from accommodation in a cottage in by the peaceful lakeside or immerse yourself even further into nature with a quirky cottage in the forest. There are 5 unique immersive ‘worlds’ at this resort just waiting for you to explore them all! Les Villages Nature is slightly further out from the parks, being a 15 minute car ride or 25 minute paid shuttle ride. It is more out of the way because the complex is so vast with all of the worlds to explore and the various retreats into the different biomes of nature.
For restaurants and bars, your opportunities are almost endless along the prominent Lakeside Promenade. Whether you want a sit-down meal or want quick street food, whether you want Italian or Mexican, whether you want healthy salads or big juicy pizzas, your options certainly aren’t limited! Bowling is a popular activity at the resort, and if you get a chance you should check out the Bowling Alley Bar for some tasty grub in between rounds!
There are a whole truckload of things to learn, do and discover at Les Villages that couldn’t possibly all fit into one paragraph. But if you are looking for suggestions right from the get-go, then we certainly have some fantastic recommendations. First off, The Aqualagon. This 2500m² open-air lagoon is heated naturally to a toasty 30C all year round and features giant waterslides, jacuzzis and a wave pool. Take a stroll through The Extraordinary Gardens, 4 different gardens inspired by nature’s 4 elements. Last but certainly not least, you need to check out the various forest trails. Whether that’s on the ground or wired up in the trees, these adventures are sure to get the excitement flowing in every member of the family!
Aqualagon© - Water park, 7 giant water slides, wave pool, outdoor lagoon heated at 30ºC by geothermal energy all year round
BelleVie Farm - Educational farm with animals, a vegetable garden and hands-on workshops
Extraordinary Gardens - A contemplative journey spread over 2 hectares, life-size games, vegetable garden workshops and beekeeping
Forest of Legends - An outdoor playground created around the forest and its legends, construction of wooden huts, creative workshop and interactive shows
Lakeside Promenade - Boutiques, restaurants, market place, bowling alley* and animations
Hotel services and amenities - Spa, tree climbing trails*, natural beach, bike rentals
Kids facilities include Amphitheatre, Animal Care, Beach Games, Tales & Legends, Cinema, Dancing the night away, Guinguette-style, Fitness Trail, GameTown, Kids Disco, Lagoon Pool & much more!
Choose the stay that suits you best with village centre, forest and lakeside options, as well as three different accommodation styles:
Clan Comfort - 2 & 3 bedroom cottages. Up to 4 and 6 adults and an infant
Country Premium - 1 & 2 bedroom apartments: Up to 2 and 4 adults and an infant 3 bedroom cottages: Up to 6 adults and an infant By the lake or in the woods
Cocoon VIP - 2 bedroom apartments. Up to 4 Adults and an infant 2 & 3 bedroom cottages. Up to 4 and 6 adults and an infant By the lake or in the village centre


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