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Cheekytrip Reviews: Venice

Thomas Campion March 12th, 2018 8,648 views

Venice, Italy - Where to check out first

Everyday, it seems that the north-eastern city's streets swarm with a multitude of tourists, however many claim that this mass tourism has turned the merchant city of Venice into little more than an European museum. Here we have a look at the top points of interest to make the most of your first moments in the great city.


Piazza San Marco

While also being the epicentre for Venice's main social, religious and political, the Piazza San Marco is overlooked by the Campanile. It should be the first choice for your first destination once you arrive in the city. This historical structure has changed at a miniscule rate during its life over the past 1000 years. Whether crowded with people in the height of summer, flooded in high tide, or silent in the moonlight, it is always magic.


Campanile and the Basilica

As well as offering centuries of history, the Campanile also offers a breath-taking view of the clustered roofs of Venice. If there’s not too much of a queue, visit the Basilica, if only for the sparkling mosaics that line the inside of it's five grandiose domes. Be warned it is a popular spot! If it feels like the wait will drive you crazy, there's plenty more to do during your visit so there's no need to stress.


Rialto Bridge

From the Piazza, by following the yellow signs you'll find the impressive structure standing there. However, awash with colour, noise and the smell of the sea you can find the fish and vegetable market tucked away to the side of it, bustling with chefs and Venetian housewives. From here you can catch the 'Tragetto' – a gondola that will ferry you across the Grand Canal for a reasonable price of 2 Euros.


Murano, the Glass Island

A possible excursion to your tour of Venice could also be to one of the many nearby islands. The most interesting in my opinion being Murano. This island specialises in glass works and decoration, meaning there are some great opportunities to buy some souvenirs; from glass unicorns to chandeliers this island offers it all. The island is easy to access by simply just using the Venice water bus offers demonstrations 700 years history.


While the uproar of the island may be quite unsettling for some, once the twilight sky has been cast over the majestic rooftops of the city, the streets fall silent; no street vendors, no tourists, as little as the distant sound of an ore on the canal. Even though the great narrow streets span over a millennia of history, the living breathing city of Venice is the perfect place for a city break.

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