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All Year Round Sunshine - Our Top 6 Picks

Daniel Riley September 21st, 2018 1,792 views

All Year Round Sunshine - Our Top 6 Picks

The winter weather is already starting to creep in on the UK. But why should you sit back and accept the cold, dreary weather that will be here to stay? Take a look at our top All Year Round Sunshine destinations if you are not ready to kiss goodbye to the sun for this year just yet...

Canary Islands


The Canary Islands are the perfect autumn/winter getaway. The temperature has dropped from the sometimes too intense summer months, the crowds have dispersed since the kids are back to school and with a new season comes a whole host of new activities to get stuck in to. Take your pick from some incredible resorts such as Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Here you will find not just great places to top up your tan but also a selection of islands that are made for hiking and exploring as the climate cools.



A holiday to Mexico is at the top of many people's lists when it comes to getting some sun and warmth all year round. Most places in Mexico never drop below 20C, no matter what time of year you go! Similar to the Canary Islands, the warm but not boiling weather during the winter months allows you to see other sides of Mexico that you may not see during the summer. Taking a trip to the UNESCO-listed Mayan Ruins is an example of this. You can head over to Riviera Maya too which is home to ancient settlements such as Coba and Ek Balam. Of course, the beaches are also highly recommended at this time of year. The beaches in Playa del Carmen are our favourites!



If you're looking for a warm, exotic winter getaway, then look no further than Morocco. The winter months often see a certain degree of predictability and stability in the weather. Lovely daytime sunshine partnered with a cooler night time. This perfect combo allows you to spend your days sunbathing on many of the gorgeous beaches such as Sidi Kaouki and Al Hoceima. Once the sun starts to set, get yourself wrapped up and get exploring the vibrant market squares such as Jemaa el-Fna in Marrakech to get a tasty bite of the exciting North African culture.

Cape Verde


Probably the most exciting and lesser-known winter sun destination on our list is Cape Verde. A series of beautiful volcanic islands hidden in the mid-Atlantic is one of the best places you can escape to when the weather in the UK starts to turn. Island hopping and sailing are two very popular activities on and between the islands and you can even take a trip to the incredible village of Chã das Caldeiras. What's so special about this village? Oh, just that it's a village of 700 people that live inside the crater of an active volcano!



The winter months is probably the best time to visit Cuba so as to avoid the rainy season. It's the perfect time to take a stroll through the picturesque cobbled streets and sample the famous, local rum in the sunshine. Most of the country's attractions are based in and around the capital of Havana, but there are also some stunning beaches worth mentioning in the north such as Varadero and Valentín Perla Blanca. The temperatures during the winter months regularly sit at around 30C; certainly enough to make your friends back home very jealous!



Many of the benefits of visiting Cyprus during the winter come from the fact that the island is a lot more quiet and peaceful than during the busy summer months. The large party boats are replaced by tiny Cypriot fishing boats. The breathtaking shipwrecks of Zenobia, Liberty and Alexandria aren't swamped with other divers in your way. The beaches are noticeably quieter but are home to the same great temperatures and experiences that many people know and love Cyprus for. Getting yourself to Cyprus in the winter is a must!

Where will you be jetting off to for some winter sunshine?
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