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A guide to Turkey holidays (INFOGRAPHIC)

Chris Butler January 24th, 2019 1,462 views


Turkey's idyllic coastlines and relative cheapness have lured in tourists from all over for many years. Areas on the Mediterranean Sea like Antalya and Bodrum are tourist favourites due to their breathtaking beaches, historic old towns, luxury hotels and almost guaranteed sun. Here's our Infographic guide to Turkey holidays...


Turkey Holiday Deals
DatePrices FromAll Inclusive
Jul 2019£204£246
Aug 2019£192£235
Sep 2019£152£188
Oct 2019£118£168
Nov 2019£114£142
Dec 2019£115£115
Jan 2020£100£117
Feb 2020£118£132
Mar 2020£117£138
Apr 2020£168£175

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