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Mahdia is a beautiful and charming destination located in Tunisia. It is old-fashioned, peaceful and has some of the most relaxed vibes that you will come across in this part of the world. Beach strolls, cliff walks and tasty coffees from small, quirky local cafes are the best ways to spend your days in Mahdia. It is the perfect place to decompress and de-stress from all of the stresses and worries that you may have.

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As well as just sauntering around the town and the coast soaking up the wonderful views, there are also some great things to do and see in and around Mahdia. The town is actually Tunisia’s top diving site, with a host of great opportunities for the more intermediate and experienced divers. On land, one of the more iconic landmarks of the city is the town’s Black Gate. The gate marks the entrance to the medina (Old Town) and dates back to the 1500s, when it was re-built using stone from the Fatimid fortress. The Grand Mosque is also well worth a visit in Mahdia and just down the road you will find Bordj el Kebir, the fortress that actually dates back more than 1000 years, where it was formerly the site of a grand palace.

Mahdia offers a good selection of accommodation options with friendly B&Bs, villas and smaller accommodation choices being the most popular. No matter what sort of budget you are travelling on to Mahdia, you are bound to find something that suits you. There are also plenty of options when it comes to dining out, especially along the coast. Not only will you find cosy cafes for a quick bite to eat but also restaurants that serve a mixture of delicious local and international food.

Although Mahdia doesn’t technically have a busy ‘tourist period’, we generally recommend a visit from November/December until about April. This is when the temperatures are very pleasant for walking around and seeing everything that Mahdia has to offer. It is also much warmer than almost all other places in Europe at this time of year. The best way to reach Mahdia is to fly to Mastir International Airport, with the town being about an hour away from there.

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