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Hammamet is one of Tunisia’s original tourist resorts due to its prime location, beautiful old town and unique culture that keeps visitors from all over the world coming back each and every year. The resort has some pleasant quiet parts as well as more lively parts, meaning there is something for all types of travellers and tastes in this stunning Tunisian destination.

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The town’s medina (old town) is definitely one of the most popular attractions in the area. The vast maze of narrow, whitewashed streets coupled with old-fashioned architecture means there are plenty of opportunities for taking photos and simply soaking up the atmosphere of the place. Here you will also find excellent shopping opportunities with a variety of local markets always on the calendar. The beaches in and around Hammamet are also top quality, with soft golden sands and beautifully blue waters the norm. Generally speaking, the hotels each have their own private beach areas but there are plenty of beach spots for non-guests to enjoy. The town’s Kasbah is also worth a mention and is definitely worth a visit.

There is a wide variety of accommodation options to choose from in and around Hammamet. There are some larger hotels if you prefer a more standardised, luxurious experience including easy access to the beach. There are also some medium-sized to smaller options for a more authentic and intimate stay in the region. In terms of dining out, there is also a wide variety of amazing places to choose from both in the medina, by the beach and just dotted all over the town. The menus range from Tunisian favourites to the classic international options.

The tourist season in Hammamet actually lasts most of the year, with the temperatures being comparably warmer than most places in Europe no matter what time of year you visit. The summer months are probably best for the beaches and swimming, whereas the autumn and spring months are best for exploring everything that the town has to offer. The closest airport - Enfidha Hammamet International - is located around 40-minutes from the resort of Hammamet itself.

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