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Djerba is a small island located off the southern coast of Tunisia. It is an extremely laid back resort and is the perfect place to experience the true meaning of island living. It has beautiful beaches, incredible weather all-year-round, plenty of its own unique culture to explore and is a prime spot for day-trips to other parts of southern Tunisia. This resort is one of our favourite hidden gems.

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There is no better place to begin in Djerba than with its old town district of Houmt Souk. Here you will discover a series of narrow alleyways lined with whitewashed buildings, a number of small market stalls selling colourful ceramics and also a number of fondouks (caravanserais) which have now been converted into restaurants or hotels that provide an amazing setting. Djerba has a small harbour very close to the old town where you can enjoy the views of boats coming and going on the glistening waters. If you are looking for something a little different on your trip to Djerba, be sure to check out Djerba Explore Park which combines the impressive Lalla Hadria Museum with the Djerba Explore Crocodile Farm!

Djerba offers a good selection of accommodation options despite its relatively small size, with friendly B&Bs, villas and smaller accommodation choices being the most popular but also offering a number of boutique hotels too. No matter what sort of budget you are travelling on to Djerba, you are sure to find something that suits you. There are also plenty of options when it comes to dining out with the most popular places being by the coast or in Houmt Souk.

Although Djerba never gets excessively busy with tourists to create a ‘tourist season’, we generally recommend a visit from November/December until about April. This is when the temperatures are very pleasant for walking around and seeing everything that Djerba has to offer as well as it being much warmer than almost all other places in Europe at this time of year. Djerba actually has its own international airport and this is the best way to reach the island destination.

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