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Koh Samui is arguably Thailand’s most famous island due to its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, incredible attractions and beautiful climate. It is visited by everyone from budget-backpackers to A-list celebrities looking for a scintillating retreat under the Thai sun.

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There are so many things to do and see in Koh Samui that it is extremely difficult to narrow it down to just a few things. Perhaps the biggest (literally) and most famous attraction is Koh Samui’s Big Buddha. Standing at 12 metres tall, the statue is made of gold and sits in the Mara position. It shows a time when Buddha was rejecting all temptations that were forced upon him and is one of the landmarks of the island. To reconnect with nature on your trip, we highly recommend a visit to Namuang Waterfall. Not only is the scenery throughout the entire park breathtaking but there are two waterfalls on the path, with the first offering the unique opportunity to swim under! For a fun day out, we highly recommend booking a jungle safari guide. On this experience you will be taken to see all of the local sights by your very own tour guide.

Koh Samui offers a wide variety of accommodation options to choose from to suit travellers of all tastes and budgets. There are the super swanky hotels and villas to make this a luxurious trip to the other side of the world or there are the budget but still excellent B&Bs and hostels to choose from. Due to Koh Samui being such a popular destination with tourists from all over the world, you can expect to find a very wide range of cuisines to choose from when eating out.

The holiday season in Koh Samui lasts from around November to February when the climate and temperatures are more stable but still very warm. However, there are plenty of tourists all-year-round and some consider the holiday season to last all of the way until May. Monsoon season begins mid-May and goes on till October so we would probably recommend avoiding this period.You can check on the Cheekytrip website for the availability of holidays from your local airport. Direct flights to Samui airport are available with the rest of the resort and attractions being just a very short journey away.

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