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Koh Chang is one of the largest islands on the Gulf of Thailand and is a destination that has something for everyone. It has gorgeous beaches to relax on, a lively nightlife to enjoy and plenty of surrounding nature to explore. It also manages to strike the perfect balance of not being too overcrowded but also receiving a steady influx of cheerful holidaymakers from all over the world.

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One of the best things to do in Koh Chang is to do nothing. Seriously. Once you have discovered this place you will feel like you are in paradise and just soaking up the beautiful views in an idyllic location is an activity in itself. Head over to the popular White Sands Beach and you will find a palm tree or two swing on as you relax. Another great thing to do here is to visit the hidden Kai Bae Waterfall. The waterfall is off the beaten track and features only a few signs leading up to it, making it very secluded and unlikely that you will find anyone else there when you do reach the peaceful spot. A snorkelling tour is also highly recommended in Koh Chang where you can explore the coral reefs and crystal clear waters filled with all types of colourful fish.

There are plenty of accommodation options to choose from in this resort with larger hotels mixed in with smaller, quirkier options. No matter your budget when arriving in Koh Chang, you can be sure you will find something for you. In terms of dining out, there are plenty of smaller restaurants and bars to choose from to try some authentic, homemade Thai food. There are also a number of venues which serve more international favourites.

The holiday season in Koh Chang lasts from around November to February when the climate and temperatures are more stable and are still particularly warm. However, even during the busier tourist season, Koh Chang maintains its peaceful and secluded feel which is one of the major pulls to this destination. Monsoon season begins mid-May and goes on till October so we would probably recommend avoiding this period.You can check on the Cheekytrip website for the availability of holidays from your local airport. A flight to Trat airport is probably your best bet for getting to Koh Chang, with the island just a short ferry or car journey from there. However, to reach Trat airport you will probably have to find a connecting flight from the UK.

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