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Varca Beach is any beach lover’s paradise with long stretches of white, soft sand and clear, tranquil waters. Despite its natural beauty, the resort rarely experiences large amounts of tourist numbers and as a result is considered one of the hidden gems of the south of Goa. It is the perfect destination for anyone wanting to escape the busyness of the other holiday resorts and to get the chance to relax in your own slice of paradise.

Cheap Holidays to Varca Beach

Cheap and exciting holidays to Varca Beach are becoming increasingly popular with travellers from the UK and the region can be reached via a select few airports here. Goa International Airport is the region’s main airport and from there, Varca Beach is just under a 1-hour drive away. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site for more great deals to this part of the world. Direct flights to Goa last in the region of 11 and a half hours. However, from most of the airports in the UK, a connecting flight will be needed as well somewhere along the way. 

Varca Beach’s ‘busiest’ period is in the months from October to around March time but as mentioned previously, this resort never becomes overwhelmed with tourists. This period is the best time to visit if you want to avoid the monsoon season and enjoy more consistent weather. Temperatures tend to reach the low 30s throughout these autumn/winter months.The summer months still see high temperatures but the weather is much more unpredictable. A visit here may be good in the summer but it is definitely better in the winter, especially as this is a beach resort.

If you do decide to visit this wonderful part of the world, it is highly likely that you will spend most of your time chilling out on the spacious stretch of beach that the resort has to offer. Play some beach games, do a bit of swimming, get lost in a book or simply listen to the waves lap onto the shore as you clear your mind of all stress. If you decide to venture into the small village of Varca at any point, you will find a small selection of shops and restaurants to have a look in.

Because of its small size, Varca Beach doesn’t have very many accommodation choices to pick from. Most of them are on the smaller end of the scale with restrictions in terms of the dining options as well as facilities. However, you will still be able to find a good selection of more budget-style hotels that provide comfortable stays for guests. There are some beach cafes along the coast as well as a few restaurants in the village of Varca itself for dining out. These places specialise in authentic, local Goan dishes so don’t miss out!

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