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Arossim is a peaceful resort in the Goa region of India and travellers to this region usually spend most of their holidays lounging around on the gorgeous beach area. This tourist destination is surprisingly quiet most of the year round given the fact that it features large stretches of golden sand, calm waters and colourful beach shacks for relaxing and having a drink in.

Low Cost Holidays to Arossim

Low-cost holidays to Arossim are growing in popularity and the region can be reached via a select few airports in the UK. Goa International Airport is where you will want to head to and from there, Arossim is located just a 20-minute drive away. Make sure you check the CheekyTrip comparison site for more budget-friendly deals to this part of the world. Direct flights to Goa last around 11 hours and 40 minutes from UK airports. However, some flights require refuel stops and/or transfers, so that is something to look out for.

Arossim’s tourist season runs from the months of October to March time as this is the country’s dry period of the year. Temperatures tend to reach the low 30s throughout these winter months and the area enjoys more stable weather on a day-to-day basis. The summer months still see high temperatures, but the weather is much more unpredictable and heavy rain can fall for full days at a time. For this reason, we suggest that you target the winter months rather than the summer ones.

Outside of the beach area, there isn’t a whole lot to do or see so the majority of your time here will be spent on the soft sands. As well as the top-quality sand and sea, the resort provides a romantic backdrop with plenty of coconut palms lining the promenades and colourful beach shacks that light up in the evenings. If you do fancy doing something away from the beach, head into the colourful, pretty village itself of Arossim where you will discover colonial homes, traditional markets and other wonderful slices of the local culture.

Even though Arossim retains much of a cultural charm and doesn’t receive too many tourists, the accommodation options in this resort are perhaps surprisingly spectacular. Some hotels offer the height of luxury amongst immaculate gardens, swimming pools, beach bars and catering choices up to all-inclusive. If you are travelling to Arossim on a bit more of a budget, there are plenty of places to accommodate you in that respect too. There are a number of great spots to eat out in this resort, but by far the best places to grab a bite to eat and a few drinks is down by the beach. Beach shacks line the shore and serve up some tasty, authentic Goan food as well as other international cuisine.

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